Internet connection window

When booting up I have to close the internet connection window over 15 times to get rid of it.
Its getting worse.
Whats happening and how do I stop it.
Windows 95.

Do you have anything automatically started that uses an internet connection?

Not that I can find.
My ISP sent me a message saying that I need to change my DNS numbers.
We did that.
I mentioned to him ,tech from isp , about the problem .He didn’t say anything like maybe it could be
something they might have done.
it was only popping up 4 times then.
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Padeye hit it - there is something trying to access the net.

Download ad aware and/or a couple other spyware hunter/killers to find the culprit.

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I agree you should download ad aware and scan.

Also, you could run msconfig (go to START, the RUN, and type MSCONFIG) and see what is being run on startup from the “STARTUP” tab. It can be very difficult to tell what should be run and what should not, though.

Unfortunately Win95 doesn’t come with MSCONFIG. The OP will probably have to use a 3rd-party utility like Startup Cop.

I agree about checking for spyware.

Today, one of the people in my office told me she had what sounds like a very similar problem. Her internet connection is dial up, configured to “Dial whenever a network connection is not present”, and she runs Win me.

About three months ago, every time she started up her computer, the MSN sign on screen would pop up, even before she entered her sign-on password. She had to cancel 12 times before it would quit trying.

I checked through her system, and it turned out to be Norton Anti-Virus. It was set to automatically check for available updates. Apparently, it was so anxious to check, it was doing it very early in the start-up process. Since her internet connection is dial-up, Norton’s attempt to access the net would pop up the internet connection screen. Although I have no idea why Norton was trying to connect 12 times in row before giving up.

I opened Norton Anti-Virus, changed the live update preferences to not auto check for live updates, and Presto! no more internet connection pop-up.

So if are running NAV or something similar, check its setup for auto-update.