Internet connexion problem

After I’ve surfed a while, I get the message “Server cannot be found” or “Page loading error”. None of the reasons given like “address incorrect” or “you are not connected” apply. There are no other problems with this computer. I can receive e-mail messages, although Gmail says

“Your network administrator has disabled Gmail’s chat features for all users on the network. You won’t be able to use chat in Gmail any time you’re connected to the network on which you received the error message.” (I’ve never used Gmail’s chat)

Same problem with either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

I have to wait an hour or so before I can surf again.

I have a broadband connexion and a good modem.

Any ideas of what the problem could be ?

Thanks for your help.

What’s your ISP?

I have a similar problem, I use AOL for an ISP but Firefox for my browser, sometimes Firefox just stops connecting even though I am connected through AOL and can use the AOL IE browser. I can’t use the non-AOL IE browser though. I am on dial-up. I keep clearing my cache and cookies and sometimes that works, sometimes it comes back after a while and other times I just have to reboot. I don’t know the cause but I don’t trust AOL and plan to get rid of it except for email soon.

Companion in misfortune, Wile E!

My ISP is VTX in Switzerland. Excellent service. Never had any problems with them. Should I contact them ?