Internet Explorer Problem (Constant Reloading)

If I remember correctly (It’s been some time), Internet Explorer actually makes use of the cache is has to save time on loading. For instance, if an image was already downloaded, it shouldn’t have to be downloaded again, right? Well, my IE decides to redownload the entire page (images, flash, etc) even if it’s mere seconds after I last visited the website. It’s slightly annoying to say the least.

Currently, my Temporary Internet Files folder is set to over 1,000 megs, a sufficient amount I imagine.

Is there a simple remedy, or was IE designed to work this way?

In IE, if you go to Tools>Internet Options, Then in the Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings. You can tell it there when to check for new versions of a page. Some of it depends on the web site as well.

It’s set to “Automatically”. I imagine if it were set to “Every visit to the page” then my problem would make sense.

Also, on a semi-related note. When I click “View Source”, nothing happens, which is also a pain. Though interestingly enough, if I save a webpage, then open it off the hard drive, “View Source” works fine. Odd.

That’s a known bug in IE; it happens when your internet cache is full. Just clear (empty) the IE cache, and then try viewing source; it’ll probably work.

In the Windows TweakUI program (under the Paranoia tab), there is an option that allows you to set your system so that the cache is cleared everytime you logoff. You might consider setting that. But if you frequently visit the same websites, IE will have to download everything, and so it will be a bit slower the first visit every day.

And this could be related to your reloading problem. Does the reloading happen on all websites, or only specific ones? HTML can be coded to ignore the cache, and reload the whole page (including images) every time. This is commonly done on advertising sites, which want to show you a new ad each time.

Thanks for the help.

Anyways, the reloading problem seems to apply to every webpage, including my own (and i"m fairly certain I didn’t code it to force a reload ;).

Also, how much disk space should I devote to the temporary internet file folder?