Internet Explorer question, shopping cart

Ok, I’m not really sure how to research this question, so forgive me if this has been discussed already.

I buy comic books on-line and to take advantage of the free shipping, I let my order accumulate until I reach $50. However, it takes me almost two months to find $50 worth of comics to order. On my friend’s computer, everytime I go back to the website, no matter how long it’s been, my order is still waiting in the shopping cart. On my new ThinkPad, the comics I had already selected are gone, and the shopping cart is telling me that the cart is empty. How can I set IE (or Firefox for that matter) such that everytime I go back to the website, my cart has all my previous selections?

Maybe you need to enable cookies?

I don’t think so. It remembers my name. I’m also not too clear on cookies or cookie management, but when I looked in Options, my cookies are set to keep cookies until they expire.

I don’t think it’s something you can “fix.” Seems like the “problem” lies with the Web site but it’s not really a problem per-se just the way the site works.

You made a cart on your friend’s computer and it was assigned a token or a key. A cookie with this cart token information was placed on your friend’s computer, probably separately from the cookie that holds your user info. Or the cookie with your login/user info on your friend’s machine was updated with this token at the time of creation of the cart and it shan’t be recalled by the Web site without the cookie.

But the cookie is on your friend’s machine not yours. So when you log in to the site from your computer, the Web site looks for the applicable cookie that would hold cart info and it finds nothing (because the cookie isn’t on your machine) and thus you’ve got a new session with a new token and an empty cart.

Adding items to a Wish List sort of thing will store items to the database, referenced by your UserID and thus is able to be recalled by the system when you log in. Adding items to the cart will just store info to a cookie which is client side (on the machine you’re using as opposed to on the server) and not the database, which means it can’t be recalled by the system.

Make sense?

I should be more clear, I think…

On my friend’s computer, I don’t even have to log in, my shopping cart is full (well, I do have to log in, if I want to purchase anything, but I can add to my shopping cart at my leisure).

On my computer, last week, I picked some comics that I wanted. I actually got to the $25 mark. I haven’t visited that site in like 9 days. Today, after forcing myself to take a break, I looked at the web site noting that new comics are listed for Wednesday, and the site says that my shopping cart is empty. Is this a feature of the site itself, or is there something I can do to my computer to allow it to keep my old info (like cookies or something)?

Goes to show that the cookie for being logged in and the cookie for the cart are separate.

It could either be that the site sets the cookies to expire sometime between 0 and 9 days (I think you can calculate cookies expiration times by hours), or your browser is set to delete cookies after so much time, or only so much space is devoted to cookies.

I don’t see anywhere in IE to delete cookies (which are different than history) after a specified amount of time but I could be missing it. I am not sure if this can be done in FF either but I am sure there’s at least a plugin that can do it and you might have it.

Also note that IE cookies and FF cookies are completely different things. If you logged in right now and made a cart in IE and then went to FF, you would NOT see that cart - if the site is using cookies to store cart data, which it is very likely doing.

And, I’m sure you figured this out, but since the cart seems to be cookie-based your cart on your machine and on your friend’s machine will never cross paths.