Internet People!(an animated viral music video that references 66 other viral videos)

A friend of a SomethingAwful forums poster released this video onto YouTube, and it’s garnered almost 400,000 views in two days.

“Internet People!” is a surprisingly catchy song with a nicely-animated video about the most ubiquitous Internet videos of the past few years.

Here is the SA thread started by the friend, which gives YouTube links to all of the original videos referenced in the song, in case you missed some of them when they were popular (I know I did).

I remembered so much of that … shakes head

But … it was fun! :cool: :smiley:

Whoops! I meant to put the link to the YT video in the OP and completely forgot! That might help, huh?

Here it is.

There is one glaring omission, imho.

I recognised a lot more of those than I did not recognise. And some of those little animations got them so exactly right it was kind of weird!

What’s the Rocketboom thing?