The Internet - it's got pretty much anything you can imagine

I was puttering around the house singing to myself “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas. As I am a very silly person the words of the chorus soon became:

“Ducks in the wind. All we are is ducks in the wind.”

I stopped and thought “hmmm I wonder?”

A quick search of YouTube got me this:

Obviously there are people who are much sillier than I am

That’s a pretty funny cover!


The internet matched up a guy who wanted to eat someone with another guy who wanted to be eaten. You can’t fault its capacity to reach all demographics.

I’m pretty sure we have a Doper who knew the guy that agreed to get eaten.

For me it has always been Dustin Nguyen.

I heard about that one, Der Metzgermeister.


Another one I wasn’t the only person to hear:

Just don’t fall down the Rule 34 rabbit hole…