It's NOT Gaudere's law! Or we fail at the internet!

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this board lacks in internet cliches.

On this board I never see “FAIL” or “EPIC FAIL”

or “I see what you did there”

or “Kittens are dying”

And the one internet cliche I thought we could claim as our own is “Gaudere’s rule”

Well, I found out it’s NOT “Gaudere’s rule” she shamelessly stole it from Skitt’s Law who ever Skitt is. (Scroll down rule 4)

Shame on you Gaudre, shame on you indeed.


I know I see “Epic Fail”, just not sure if it was here.

“I see what you did there” is used, just sparingly and perhaps more cleverly than other sites.

“Kittens dying” has come and gone from here. As did Chuck Norris stuff where it was mercifully brief.

And don’t forget “Hi Opal” or “When come back bring pie”.

We are not immune.

Finally shame on on your for impugning the fine Gaudere. And wondering if that misspelling was intentional.

Yeah it seems like half the internet communicates only in memes now. I guess it’s a way to feel like you belong without having to think up interesting things to say.

There are certainly things that we can claim as our own, like:

Penis ensues.
Pan-fried semen.
1920’s-style death ray.
Once, for 20 minutes . . .

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this board lacks in internet cliches.

Except for “and I for one welcome our new XXXX overlords,” which shows up everywhere on this board.

I admit to linking to certain caption-lined feline photos from time to time.

No, we shouldn’t be borrowing from the internet cliche! We set our own cliche! We should see that ‘Little Hitlets’ march through cybernetdom, burning their dogs, setting their children set in glue with fire (or offering the choice to shoot down) and every numbered list which goes up to 3 and beyond must have a Hi Opal! and remind everyone to bring a goat for newcomers, and those leaving to remember the pie if they should return.

We will go about putting a cooler in every backyard, and graped posts in other forums to remind them the terror of the Grapist! Most importantly, when anyone, in anywhere should post unverified data, we will yell “CITE!” at them. And when we are challenged in the same stead, we would reply with ‘My post is my cite’. We would refer to moderators on other places as the ‘fucking hall monitors’ and enlist other to wage war against the evil nazi groundhogs. We do not get angry, my friend, but our rage would be like that of a thousand suns. For once, for about 20 seconds, we would repeat ‘1920s Death Ray’ three times, to spread the words of the Flying Ramen Monster. And we would look out for potential band-names everywhere we go! And remember - severs run on electricity generated by hamsters!

We need no internet cliche here. We got enough here to start a culture guide-book here already.

I prefer to think of it being more like a National Geographic documentary hosted by a British guy in Safari gear with a pith helmet. :smiley:

If National Geographic was hosted by, say, a rapper in full bling, it would be a little weird, to say the least.

A meme is a terrible thing to waste.


Speaking of Internet clichés, can someone let me in on the “I see what you did there” meme? I’ve seen it used around here a fair bit, but most of the time it just leaves me confused as to what has supposedly been done.

I’m glad so-called Internet memes are used sparingly around here. Whenever I see lists of those memes I find that I’ve never heard of most of them.

I see what you did there.

Someone from alt.usage.english.

I, for one, welcome our new Super-Pornographic Overlords.

In this context, sparingly means ‘at nearly every opportunity,’ right? Considering how often these things get used here and how long Shakes has been around, I wouldn’t take the OP seriously. The Dope used to have a reputation for adopting these cliches, but doing so a few months behind everybody else.


For the longest time, snopes had “tdn’s law.”

The original. The best.

I would, but I’m not aware of all Internet traditions.