Internet Slang Terms in Real Life

Have you ever been around a bunch of people and found yourself inadvertently uttering net terms?

The other night I was at the neighborhood bar, and a lady told a funny joke. Everybody cracked up, and of course like an idiot, I actually said LOL. They looked at me like I was nuts. “What the hell does “ell oh ell” mean?” Tilt.

Another time, my buddy mentioned a friend he talks to on the phone a lot, but has never met.

I said, “Well, you need to meet her IRL (I are ell) dude.”

Blank stare…

I actually didn’t even snap until I said these things.
Time to turn this box off for a while…

I have actually said the word “sigh” instead of just sighing. Honest.


Yes… you do that. (We really need a “blank stare” smilie)

I have found myself saying the letters BTW instead of “by the way” quite often. I even find myself using them in writings I do. It’s sad.

I’ve found myself saying “lol,” but as a word. Also, “LART her” for a particularly nasty coworker. And I plonk idiot drivers instead of using my horn, mentally sending them to my killfile.

Yes, I’ve spent a bit of time in Usenet.

Honestly, I mean no offense to any of you but you guys might want to go and sit in front of the TV for awile instead of the computer. Now I have one high school chick I hang out with who will say LOL, but it’s on purpose. Apparently it along with other internet slang words are now common hip dialogue, I guess I’m not cool then.

I have heard and used other 'puter slang, but never chat slang. Heard one gentleman refer to another as having a rom drive running at half speed, and have refered to some co-workers as having about three lines of code short of a full OS! LOL :slight_smile:

I are Ell too.


But, but, but…the TV is on. And the magazine is open. I’m just a multimedia, multitasking babe.

Now shsssh. Another Juiceman commercial is coming on.

<<brachy turns another page of her Mad magazine>>

Oh my gosh, I do that sometimes. It somehow seems more effective to actually say “sigh” rather than sighing.

I do this all the time. :slight_smile: It works very well if you say “sigh” while sighing. The mind boggles.

Count another one who does this. It does work better if you really sigh while saying it. In fact if it’s a big sigh, I’ll change it to “deep sigh”. Though in my defense, I’ve been doing this for longer than I’ve had my computer. On second thought, I’m not sure that’s a good defense. :wink:

My mother did it, so I picked it up from her. We used to have a running joke: when she did the “deep sigh”, I’d do a little sigh and say “shallow sigh”.

I’m not entirely sure why, but Ell’s above post just made me burst out laughing hysterically.

As to the OP, I sometimes say “sigh” when sighing and I’ve had to catch myself a couple of times before saying “laughing out loud” while laughing out loud.

Ell your too are belong to I?

[sub]definitely time to walk away from the box…sigh…[/sub]

I find that whenever I want to indicate that I find something very funny, I say that I’m ROFLing, and also I usually say BRB when I intend to return shortly.

I are so much better than Weasel!!

Okay… I’m sorry. :slight_smile:

Well, I wasn’t exactly finished… oh well.

My friend Randy is deaf. I’m not very good at signing, but I can get by. About a year ago we were sitting around “talking” and he signed something to me that I found completely unintelligible. I actually signed to him, “W, T, F?”…

He looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Then I had to explain it… jeez, that was hard.

No, I must be odd. When I read the abbreviations online like BRB, WTF, LOL, I read them as what they’re supposed to stand for. So “BRB” isn’t “bee-are-bee”, but “be right back”. Even if the phrases slip into real life, it wouldn’t be obvious.

I’ve been doing the “sigh” thing since high school. I think I picked it up from some of my brother’s drama friends.

I thought ell was funny.
What I have found myself doing is trying to use computer idioms in real life. Like trying to grep through a book, or wishing I could embed a hyperlink into whatever witty obscure reference I’m trying to make.

I actually say “shrug” quite often, and, occasionally, when with people that “know”, I find myself saying…double yoo tee eff.