What words from SDMB do you now use in real life?

I learned “squick” and “snark(y)” from here, and use them regularly. I’ve also learned a few others that are singular to this board (starts with an “f”) that I don’t use!

Anybody else?

Bacon salt.


Asshat and the related, asshattery. “Batshit crazy” is also a term I first read here, and now use frequently.

“The suxxors”. Don’t know if that’s spelled correctly.

Og damn it.

For some reason I feel comfortable saying that, but not G*d damn. Guess it’s kinda like cheese and rice or Bob Sagat.


Invisible Pink Unicorn

Pretty much all of the above.

teh suxxors! The misspelling is key.

Whenever someone in my family informs me that they will be returning at some point in the future I respond with, “Bring pie”.

I’ve been know to say, “Og damnit!” too.

I once made a grocery list something like the following:

Hi Opal!

I had to explain it to my wife.

Squick, squicky, squee, twee, and Og have all made into my permanent vocabulary.

In just a few months, “snarky” has become entered my lexicon.

Oh yeah, squee too! And on my grocery list I write NOTs sometimes. That’s from the MMP, we say NOT meaning Not Our Taters, a poster we all know and love! I’ve used asshat, too, and my husband looked at me funny and asked what it meant! Hee!

This probably doesn’t count, since I’ve forgotten the word, but that word that means “fan who likes his TV/movie/book so much that he creates reasonable explanations for seeming plot holes or continuity problems.”

It’s somewhere between “fanwank” and “retrofit,” but I definitely learned it here. Just not well enough, apparently!

Whenever I solve a particularly difficult problem I say “Gotcha Yaaaaa” under my breath. It’s my equivalent of “Eureka”. I know I’m using it in a completely different context from when it was originally used, but it just seems to work.

“Its” to mean “It is” and “It’s” to refer to possession.


“Band name!”

I’m afraid your mistaken in you’re pronoun usage.

To contribute: “Squick” is the one I can think of off the top of my head that has entered my real-world vocabulary.

I do know that sometimes, when someone tells me something I question the veracity of, I’ve been known to say “Cite?” and then think “Oh, yeah, they probably don’t have any clue what I’m talking about!”

I also love “gotcha ya” and use it on occasion.

I picked up “fur baby” (is that the “f” from the OP?) and started using it in jest. But you know, where is that line, exactly? If I’m already talking to the cat, and calling him fur baby with irony, it’s pretty much the same as just using it regularly, right?

“Very vaguely creepy” is another good one, I use that a lot to describe things that are … well, that are very vaguely creepy.

Retcon (short for Retroactive continuity)

I learned that here too.