Things you read here that you now say - SPOOFE bo diddly!

Okay…here is some crazy shit I picked up off the boards that I now say.

Sorry I can’t give credit to everyone where it is due:

  1. The other day, I was going to tell someone that they don’t know a damn thing…and I said, “You don’t know Spoofe bo diddly.” Ooookay…wherever that came from…

  2. I read that post by the guy who wanted to know if other people wipe their ass standing up…and one guy posted about wiping from back to front. Someone asked if that was messy and he said he’d been doing it for years and never got “poo poo on my [his] nuts.” So now, when I mean “egg on your face” I say “poo poo on your nuts.”

  3. Hickies - I now refer to them as white trash proofs of purchase

  4. Taking a dump = dropping the kids off at the pool
    What nutty things from the board have found their way into your vernacular?


So I’m reading the Ridiculously absurd things you wish you could do thread…

And I read, “I wish I could shit volvos.” I bust out laughing and then look to see who said it. I’ll be Goddamned if it wasn’t:

SPOOFE bo diddly!!

I feel a minor obsession coming on!


What the fuck?


I now know it’s on other boards, but I first read it here…
“Do not feed the trolls…”

People look at me like…WHAT??? Of course, they’d look even MORE flippy-outty if I said, “DNFTT.”

I get enough weird looks as it is.

I also refer to simpering, sad, or sweet tales as “glurge” all the time now. I actually read that term first on Snopes, but I’m such an addict here now, that I always say, “Oh, I got that from my message board…” (meaning SMDB).

Oh, and my new insult-o-choice is “Fuckchop”. Thanks to jarbabyj !

Well besides “How YOU doing” I have used “I wish I could shit Volvos.”

A coworker said “Gee I wish management would listen to us.” I shot back with THE phrase. Oh the look on her face. Shut her up for the whole day :slight_smile:

Spoofe-I used one of yours… Now you have to use one of mine.

Find a thread where you can say “meow kitty kitty”…I dare you.