Internet Therapy Recommendations

I’m looking for internet-based therapy sessions for me and my mom to help work on our relationship, which was good when I was a kid and young adult and has been pretty strained the last few years.

We live ~500 miles apart, so it’d pretty much have to be a phone/internet kind of thing at distance.

Anyone with experience finding a therapist for something like that?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m thinking it’ll be easier to find a local therapist that you can physically visit and have your mom on skype/facetime.

I have no personal experience with it whatsoever, but a podcast I listen to always begins with an ad for something called “Talkspace” that I believe may be exactly what you are looking for:

I thought about that too, but my worry is that meetings/conversations where some people are physically together and others are teleconferenced in are always unbalanced. It’s just hard to have a co-equal conversation where some people are right there and others are heads on a screen.

DCnDC, thanks, I found that one too. I am hoping for recommendations from someone who’s used such a service. I can find a number of things with google, but have no good way to evaluate them.