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I’m on napster currently and since I heard some sort of news that is will close down I have been thinking about what other services there are out there. I’ve heard of Scour and Gnutella, but I was wondering if there was one out there that was as broad as Gnutella (i.e. the ability to get everything from Music to Videos) but is as simple or in the same range as Napster. The reason I as is because i am going to be getting a dsl line pretty soon and I will be able to get a lot more information much faster. Since I will be able to do that I would like to esxpand what I can get. I would like to collect Music, Videos (i.e. Television shows, Movies, Music Videos, and such), picutres, programs, and everything. I would like to seriously broaden my horizons, no pun intended. I would like any feed back that yall have to offer.



I think that Scour is now defunct. There are some Gnutella clients that have a fairly simple interface like LimeWire or BearShare. They shouldn’t be too hard to learn. You just have to wait a while to bulid a decent database of hosts when you start the program, and it seems to me that Gnutella has more problems with users behind firewalls than Napster did. Just my opinion.

Since the court ruled against Napster,the court now has the power to shut down other trading sites, like those mentioned here. So said the lawyer who sued Napster.

There would need to be a different court order for each one. And gnutella is not a site, so it can’t be shut down.

If napster gets shut down, you can still use napigator (search for it on ), which will get you to other sites that use the napster software.

On the tueesday news, Napster offered the music recording industry $1B to drop their lawsuit. This should be interesting.

Dan, hon. There are forums other than General Questions. Experiment sometime. Variety is the spice of life.