Napster Alternatives

Well, I may be premature but I am going to take for granted that Napster is going to get pulled today. What do you all plan on using instead? What do you recommend for an easy-to-use service? I am not very familiar with alternatives myself, and I would like input from others.

Ahem. Surely, you use Napster and the prospective equivalent programs for the trade of legal MP3’s only? Just a question.

We are not interested in breaking any laws on the Straight Dope, are we?

Precisely. So… do you have to pay a Napster fee if you only wish to trade legal MP3’s as well?

Of course not. That’s why we (PLD and me) use (and pay for) and highly recommend

[hijack](sort of)
Napster legality is still wrapped up in appeals, and is still currently in legal operation. So are we free to discuss it on SDMB and give opinions on alternatives? Just a question. I know of alternatives, but I am no going to post them unless I’m told its ok…coldfire?

Everyone knows that Gnutella is a nice idea whose implementation blew chunks. However, I found a new Gnutella client that actually works! And works well!! It’s at I like it better than Napster. Enjoy.

Audio Gnome…fantastic program, mutiple sever searches, chat features…etc

Napigator…pretty good program, not as good as AG though

I highly recommend Napigator. I’ve never had a problem using it with Napster. Excellent.

I highly recommend several local services where I have been getting my music for many years; I bet there are some around you too. As an added bonus I get a hard copy of my very own along with some attractive cover art.

Oh, the only catch is that you have to exchange money for merchendise. Whoever came up with that crazy scheme, I’ll never know.


Would anyone recommend Gnutella to someone who wants to get out of the Napster system completely? Should I stay away from it, or is it a good system for exchanging legal files of a certain type? I’ve never heard of Audio Gnome. I’ll have to research that.

Aw, stop bein’ so wussy, and get out there and search through music sites on your own!

I remember the day, before Napster… only a few people basked in the glory of Mp3’s, and you had to search through all manner of porn sites to find the music you wanted…

Umm, pay for it?

I done left that scene, my man, and I ain’t never going back! All those popups, blinking gifs, annoying text, etc. just aren’t worth it. No, I’ve paid my dues. Now I just want to get the music.

When your precious music stores have half the selection at a reasonable price, I’ll use them more often. As it is, I’m just looking for single tracks in the public domain your K-marts just don’t have. Yes, I live in the boonies. Yes, it is pretty much K-mart or nothing for about three hours of solid driving, one way. That is why I bother with those huge MP3 files in the first place. No, Atta-my-kin, getting obscure tracks is not always worth the time-and-hassle the stores put you through. For Real Music, MP3s are sometimes the only way to go.

Here’s a kleenex, you’re getting all snotty. I read this statement to say that we should be free to simply take merchandise that we feel is “overpriced”. Is that your position?

That’s a shame there’s no mail delivery where you live. I get my music at the click of a mouse button (via mail from Amazon and other sources) same as you do/did (from Napster), the only exception is that I don’t have a problem with paying the artist for their work. And yes, my local retailers are only a short drive away but I still prefer to have my music delivered to my doorstep or mailbox. I can handle waiting a few days for it.

As I said, there is an easy way to avoid whatever hassle the stores might be putting you through & get your music delivered right to your doorstep.

I’m not sure what qualifies as “real” music, maybe what you listen to is so obscure it isn’t even available through mail order. I’m not saying it couldn’t be the case, but I’d like to see an example of it.

Ummm, I already HAVE. If you read earlier posts you would see that I am wanting “legal” alternatives. I have a large collection of cassettes that I would like to put on my PC or burn to CD. I am not about to pay twice if I don’t have to for the same music…many of which I couldn’t even find on CD if I tried. Heck, up until yesterdaay I didn’t even own a burner. So, you rightous people, I have already paid for them. What is it with some of you holier than thou types? Some people are honest.

As soon as I posted that last reply, I thought to myself that this sounds like a great debate in the making. So I wandered over to GD and sure enough there are quite a few threads on Napster Morality.

I have read a few arguments over there & now think that there are a few - very few - reasons why something like Napster is good, but still a whole lotta reasons why it is bad.

Since this is all out of forum, At this point I’ll just have to defer to Jimminy Cricket and say let your conscience be your guide. I would wager that the vast majority of people use Napster to take for free that which shoudl be paid for, but conceed that it does provide a beneficial service for out of print work, music sampling (to see if you want to buy it) and to help little known artists get exposure.

I know this is not The Pit or GD, but I will defend myself.

Attaryant, did you know that admits to selling lists of those who buy from them? My privacy is worth more than a CD. Ya want proof? I got your proof right here (USA Today).

Also, I do not fully trust their security mechanisms. If someone can remotely access credit card data, anyone with enough time can figure out how to do the same. Ditto with the browser-to-server encryption stream. All of those problems disappear if you are not paying.

Finally, the music industry could profit off of Napster the same way the movie industry profits off of broadacst TV. Have micropaymets of royalties occur every time a writeable disk or a disk-writing system is bought, that’s all. There is a better expansion upon this idea here.

I’ve probably said too much for the forum I’m in already, so I’ll end it here. I might or might not debate this further in GD.

Thanks, thats a really cool program.

No way, man, it’s like a treasure hunt. All you “Instant Gratification” types… in MY day, BEFORE this Napster crap, we had to go through the most obscure websites (poking our way through Warez sites and crappy porn sites) to find the music we want. And when we found it… man, it was like finding a treasure trove! You began DL-ing everything immediately, since the sites would only be around for a couple weeks.

Ah, the blood, sweat, and tears that went into finding an Mp3! See, they made you WORK your ass off to find stuff. And you couldn’t use search engines, either, since very few of these sites weren’t registered with them. It was HELL, man, HELL. Every time I got a 404 I nearly had an aneurism. Every time I got a corrupted Mp3 I screamed, swore, and pulled my hair. Every time my download failed, I punched the wall. But, every now and then, my goal would be achieved… the Pearly Gates would open, the panties would drop, the waters would part, the angels would trumpet… and I’d be listening to MUSIC, baby, MUSIC!!!

Then Napster came along… it was like every shmoe landing on Oak Island with a metal detector and a misguided dream… and suddenly, the Golden Age of the Mp3 was past…