Introducing .... ME!

Hello, all.

I have been a long time lurker on these boards and finally took the plunge to subscribe.

I’d love the opportunity to share my thoughts and insights on this board and <maybe> make some new friends. My inbox has been awfully empty for too long.

I’m 38, recently divorced, and the dedicated father of a 10-year old girl.

So, hello all again, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all here.

Soooo… As long as we’re talking about you, why’d you pick this username? It doesn’t seem t be all that clever or witty.


Welcome to the board dmatsch

As you asked it of dmatsch, what is the witty or clever part behind yours username?


Well, before you decide to judge …

It’s a concatenation of the first initial of my first name, three initials from my middle name, and three initials from my last name.

Admit it. It rolls of the tounge like cherry jello.

Thanks for the reply. Have a nice day.

Hello dmatsch. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

There’ll be no friendmaking here. No, sir. Not on my watch. :confused:

Just kidding. Welcome to the family. :smiley:

There isn’t any. It’s linked to my site ( ), but once I get a paid subscription I’lll propably change mine to ‘mostly clueless’.

I love the “Mostly” part, good choice.
BTW: Welcome to the boards.


Hello to you dmatsch. Welcome to the SDMB! Sorry to hear of the divorce but I’m glad to hear of your having a child. It seems to help I think.
Remember, keep your head down, stay on your toes and beware of the Pit. :smiley:

Welcome to the boards! smooch

I’ll just… er… go and get… party streamers. Yeah. That’s it. sidles away

Okay, guys, bring on the squid!

Then, it also dribbles all over you shirt. Ick. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Then, it also dribbles all over your shirt. Ick. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Welcome dmatsch. And extra special hugs since I see you’re in Tampa. Now we’ll need to see a picture of your cat.

Oh wait, it says in your biography that you’re single AND good looking. Now I must ad the obligatory “How YOU doin’?”

Carry on.

Hello David Matthew Schuyler!
Nice to meet ya.

(Probably way off, but I enjoy excercising my uncanny Carny Weight, Age, and Name guessing skills…give that man a cigar!)

Welcome, dmatsch!

We have a welcoming banquet in the recently-cleaned Room Six. Enjoy!

[sub]Just don’t open the door ro Room Seven. Please.[/sub]

Dammit! You’ve just leaked the secret code-name algorithm for our CIA foreign operatives. We’re gonna have to change it now…

Thanks for letting all of us foreigners know. We would have ignored it otherwise. :smiley:

welcome to the boards. i was also a lurker in my previous life.

it’s a lot better to contribute instead of having your rambles stuck in your head.