Introducing the new Lady Sonic(TM)

What the hell is going on with the new sonic screwdriver?

Does the crooked handle part turn, like it’s a yankee drill?

ETA: The handle doesn’t turn but the crystal does. The handle lights up. It’s pretty fucking awesome looking, IMO.

By the way, I don’t think the thread title was the best option available.

Tough shit.

I wonder if that’s gonna tie in to the larger story—the teaser and trailer I’ve seen so far seem to hint at something changing history, and the present with it (“This is all new to me!”). Or maybe it’s something cobbled together from parts found somewhere—besides the organic, alien-looking aspect, it’s also got a bit of a rough, scrappy vibe about it. In any case, it seems a large enough design change to warrant a bit of an in-story explanation (and I hope to god it’s not just because the Doctor is a woman now, and everyone knows women prefer this sort of more natural design to the cold hard tech-style of the previous Doctors…).

Darren Garrison, the fact that you chose a poor thread title does not give you license to be abusive to other posters. If anyone else would like to discuss the Doctor’s new device, they’re free to start a new thread, with a clearer title and without the attitude, but this is closed.