So this is my first post.

A little bit about myself:
[li]I’m interested in science, politics, and philosophy.[/li][li]I’m in college.[/li][/ul]

That’s about it for now.

Before we go any further, which way do you position your toilet paper roll?

:wink: Hello!

Welcome from another newbie.

Welcome, welcome! I usually offer ice cream to new members, but unfortunately we’re out this evening. Would you like some chocolate-chip cookies? The chips are the latest generation, less than 30 nanometres.

Get NotDeadYet to tell you how rough it was around here in the old days. Oh, and welcome!

And now we know you like to make bullet points containing fewer than three items.

Well, I never thought I would say this sequence of words, but:

Please come back and tell me about the toilet paper.

Sadly, OpalCat is no longer around to object. :frowning:

We are now in a new, post-OC era.