Invasion Iowa

I didn’t realize that Shatner could be so damn mean.

I haven’t seen it yet because I’m at work right now but I am recording it.

That’s why I love Shatner. He’s such a smug A-hole and doesn’t give a damn who knows it!!

According to an article in the Des Moines Register:

So no major harm done, and Shatner did do some nice things for the town in return for their cooperation.

Plus, they all STILL get to be on TV. Wish I could see it, since I live just up the road a piece (didn’t hear about it until they were finished filming, or I’d have tried to be in it). No cable/sattelite TV to watch it on. Have to wait for the dvd, I guess.

Mean? So far the only people he has really been “mean” to are the other shills that are in on the joke with him. The bit with the phone ringing and Shatner yelling at his “assistant” was hilarious.

From the start Shatner has been dealing with the locals with respect, humor and good will, and the show hasn’t presented the local people in a negative light.

So far my favorite character is the guy wearing the overalls, his reactions are priceless!! I can’t wait to see the other episodes.