Inventing a word

The other day, I invented a word, and I must say it’s a great one. I’ve yet to use the word, because I know it’d catch on like lightning, and I want to at least be given credit for its creation.

Can I copyright a word? Register? Trade Mark? Patent? I don’t want to prevent other people from using my word, I just want it on record that I created it.

So post it here, it’ll be dated and time stamped.

Urban Dictionary.

You can’t copyright a single word, or patent a word. You can register it as a trademark provided that you are going to use it in your business. (You can even register an existing word – several large business own “Apple” as a trademark, even though the word existed long before they started using it.)

Do what was allegedly done to introduce the word “quiz” to the language - post it up everywhere you can. If you’re that reticent about it, how do you expect anyone to take it up? We could be using it right now, if we only knew what it was.

Damn, Panache, I created a thread a few weeks ago asking for word nominations, so we could do just what people are suggesting here. The thread died on the vine, I’ll note. It was perfectly floppulent.

Yeah, I know how you feel…the ladies ought to pay me a royalty every time they casually mention that they were pumping the treadle (I ain’t letting up until this phrase catches on, goddammit! :mad: )

Urban Dictionary?? Hmmm, me like…

BTW, thanks Cervaise. :smiley: You get a pass on the royalty thing, since you seem to be first. :wink:

To use the phrase “pumping the treadle”, not to actually pump the treadle, I mean.

Well, what’s your word then? You *are * planning to share with us, right?

I hope it’s not Zidane.

Meaning? A supreme headbutt?

Or as a transitive verb, to supremely headbutt something.

I checked Urban Dictionary, and it’s already been picked up.