What is your favorite made-up invention, that you think would be perfect for you? Just something that you’ve always thought would improve your life and make it easier/more fun.
Mine would have to be a kind of Porta-Bed on wheels. You can just lie down and drive it away. Ahhhh.


I would like a toilet that you could bring to your seat at a sporting event or concert.

Re: the portable toilet:

A catheter that is hidden in you clothes and runs to a briefcase. It looks like you are carrying a briefcase, but it is really a toilet. You could sit in a meeting for 20 hours and never get up. You could sit at the bar and never get up.

But I have always wanted a small entropy device that takes the kinetic energy out of the air around it.

  1. Motorized roller skates
  2. A car where all four wheels can turn perpendicular for idiot-proof parallel parking.

Money? (a bunch of thousand-dollar bills to carry with me all the time, and a big supply of those in a bank would be nice…)

A time machine. I’d be rich.

I’d go buy a bunch of junk, take it to the future, sell it off as antiques.

I often have to ride a slow freight elevator. I want an elevator that can measure the weight it is carrying, so it moves quickly when just carrying a light load like passengers, and goes slowly only when it is actually carrying a heavy load.

Which reminds me. The elevators at the UNC-Chapel Hill main library have asset stickers affixed to them. Are they afraid that someone is going to try to steal one?

Naw, Lissa, what you need to do is go to the future, buy a bunch of stuff, bring it back to the present and patent it. :wink:

I myself want a transporter or teleportation unit.

“We’re gonna have lawyers here. It’ll be a fun time.”

Holodeck. With a copy of “Myst” and “Riven” pre-installed. I can make up the rest.

Cave Diem! Carpe Canem!

A 100% fool proof Bullshit detector. 'Nuff said.

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I would like to flip a switch in my car and turn my trunk into a refridgerator/freezer. That way I don’t have to go home right after I go to the grocery store.

What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what it’s all about?

This is a “great debate?” I’d suggest MPSIMS.

Some sort of device that keeps you awake at lectures or that makes boring speakers appear less monotonous.

Wow, two moderators! I’d like to see a bridge across Cook Inlet in Alaska.

You need to take the time maching into the past and invest ALL your money into IBM then come back sell all the stock and go back and do it again. That’ll make you real rich real quick. You may even want to check into the future to see how there doing later on.

Pay no attention to that other man behind the curtain. :wink:

I would want the philosophers stone.

I would invest heavily in silver and Platinum then dump massive amounts of gold onto the market and watch it crash

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