Investigating the origin of an election smear campaign

Not a debate and not really pit-worthy, but Dopers might be interested in this investigation of a smear campaign, tracking down the origin and everything.

Since I never saw the original smears, I won’t vouch for anything.

Very interesting, and long!, read. If you take this incident, someone who can conceivably be tied to the Democratic campaign does something but claims to be doing it on his own, and add it to the hacking of Palin’s email. Again by someone who can be tied to the Democratic campaing, and who, again, claims to have acted alone, you have what? A pattern? A coincidence? Evidence?

I don’t even really see the smear. It’s true that her husband belong to a secessionst group, it’s true that the Governor herself attended their conventions and spoke approvingly to them, and it’s true that the organization itself initially claimed Sarah Palin was a member and then backtracked. So now she’s saying she was never officially a member. Big deal. That doesn’t make the story a “smear.”

The whole article (aside from being TLDR) is hysterical and tenuous and depends on one contrived or speculative connection after another.