invisible "cookie" files?

I spend a bit of time at work surfing the net. I cannot turn off the java or Cookies on my pass-coded computer, so at the end of the day I open the “Cookies” file in Word and manually erase the contents.

There seems to be a bit of code or something invisible remaining despite my “select all” and “delete” commands.

Is there something I should know?


Are you running windows? If so, go to the “Temporary internet files” folder and do a find ., dollars to donuts, there will be something there. Delete them in the “find” window and they will go away. Make sure to do this before you delete the files in your cookies folder.

You’re not saying if you’re using Netscape navigator or MSIE.

In Netscape, you have to exit it completely, then edit the cookies.txt file. Otherwise it’ll get rewritten from memory.

I’m running Navigator, and your sure right about it re-writing from memory.

Closing down the browser and THEN killing the file does work however (I have to manually enter my SD Username and password, but thats fine).

Thanks all