InvisibleWombat is now a moderator for The Game Room

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming our newest moderator, InvisibleWombat!

Your reported posts will now go to both of us, and, you’re welcome to PM either of us for Game Room related issues.

It’s always good to have a new Moderator. :slight_smile:
But do I need to cast Detect Invisible to see him? :confused:

I, for one, believe that all moderators should be visible. How will we know when he’s behind us with the moderator stick?!?

You may not be able to see me, but you’ll see the jackboots and the mod hat.

(I’ve seen him around…)

Welcome to our new jackbooted overlords!

And the mug! Don’t forget the mug!

Welcome to your awesome new duties. Be gentle with us.