iOS 8 opinions?

So far the only thing I don’t like is that my iPad’s Safari browser tabs disappear from view whenever I scroll down a page. It’s really fucking annoying to have to tap the screen a couple of times to type a URL or to simply look at another tab.

But, I freaking love that I can make phone calls from my computer or iPad now!

And the ability to carry browsing from my phone to my iPad to my home computer is awesome. Voice messages have been fun, but sooner or later I know I’ll have to diable them (or everyone will quickly realize that they aren’t as cool as texting and it won’t be an issue) so I don’t have to bring someone up to speed on a situation by having them listen to 8 minutes worth of Voice Messages.

Waking up in the middle of the night and mumbling “hey siri, what time is it?” and getting an answer.

I also like the per-app battery use stats. Most of the other new stuff will have to prove its worth when applications start supporting it.

But not everything is quite fully baked. For instance, there’s a setting “EU internet” when you enable data roaming, but no explanation for what it does. Healthkit looks nice but I’m not sure I need to track my height over time…