Liking iOS 11?

So, roughly 1 in 10 of Apple peeps have downloaded iOS 11. Any comments?

I like what I’ve seen so far. I made a GIF from some video I shot and texted it to my gf and she cracked up.

The look of my home-screen seems crisper, am I imagining that? Also, apps seem to be opening faster. Siri sounds the same. My phone keeps suggesting I allow it to interrupt notifications while driving, but I do not think I’ll take it up on that.

Anyone else notice anything interesting?

ETA: I can’t believe I’m the first to post about this. Mods, feel free to do whatever if I’m wrong.

For me, this was a seamless and wholly positive OS update. It’s gonna take awhile to get used to some of the new icons (Calculator and App Store are the ones that immediately come to mind), but overall this one hasn’t had any real negatives IME so far.

I like the new control center and ability to edit it and the additional live photo options.

I dislike the increased font and feature size in the standard apps and the merging of the lock screen and notifications screen.

Haven’t noticed much else yet.

Yeah, the font thing puzzled me at first, but I’ll adapt. Download and install went very smoothly.

Did not know there was an update available. Downloading right now.

the iPad related changes are more significant; I like the changes to the “dock” and the recent apps view. iPhone changes are much less substantial (that I can see so far.)

I wish they’d actually do something with CarPlay, though. other than adding the three most recently used apps on the left side, it’s pretty much the same as it was at the start. and app support is poor compared to Android Auto.

I like it so far. The only issues I’ve noticed, so far, I can’t pause audio from the lock screen, not a huge deal I’m usually using bluetooth, but not always. It also can’t switch from bluetooth to local audio as easily as I could before.

I have no complaints about iOS 11, except that CarPlay is still not very good. Maps is especially poor, compared to Waze. The real showstoppers are 1) Maps often doesn’t show the names of most of the streets. What’s the use of a map app that doesn’t show street names? I know it’s capable of showing all the street names, because rarely it does. And 2) Maps has no local cache and its servers are often slow. Why do I need to redownload the same map data every morning and every afternoon?

Finally 3) CarPlay still does not support Waze. If you can’t make a very good map app, at least let us use another.

Speaking of Maps, I heard that Maps now has select indoor locations (large malls, airports, etc). I’m eager to try that. But yeah, Waze and Google Maps are my daily go-tos.

I’ve never used CarPlay.

Apple’s probably pulling that old “We won’t approve apps for CarPlay if they duplicate the functionality of a built-in app” thing again.

I found the “Smart Invert” color setting for pseudo-“dark mode.” It only works for Apple apps (e.g. Photos still appear normally but with a dark background, but YouTube videos still have totally inverted colors), but you can set a shortcut to toggle it on or off by triple-clicking the Home button.

What I noticed is the phone doesn’t do a good job of switching from landscape to portrait (or vice versa) as it’s tilted. Prior to this upgrade, it would seamlessly switch back and forth.

Sitting here playing with my iPhone (6s, the big one). I haven’t tried every app, but everything is working fine great switching positions. The App Store is in permanent portrait, but with the new, big font it seems that’s intentional?!

If you still have the old Siri voice but want the new one, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice and then tap on the accent of English you want and then tap male or female. I’m pretty sure that should download the new voice.

The British and Australian accents have been around for years now.

I miss the names under my dock icons.

I don’t like the transitions between apps and the home screen. It seems pointless and slow, but maybe my “reduce motion” setting was reset… let me check: yup. That was it. Thanks to the OP for making me question my phone’s behavior!

They also updated iTunes at the same time. Previously, if I connected the phone to my PC, I could open iTunes and organize the apps. (Move them from one screen to the next, put them in folders and so forth.) But it seems you can’t manage apps with this new version of iTunes.

I very seldom need to do that, but I just checked and you are correct, Dewey: that functionality has been removed. What a bummer. It was much faster and easier than trying to drag icons from screen to screen on the phone.

Thank you for confirming that. I have no idea why they removed that feature.

No one seems to know, not even Apple. They’ve been screwing up a lot with iTunes updates the past 3 years or so IMO. Have you tried to look at songs alphabetically on your iPhone since last year? :dubious: