IP Address

I have this IP address that I want to find who it belongs too. I ran a search, but it only told me the name of the company that issued it, not who it goes to. Any ideas?

Nope. An IP address is generally assigned to a company, who may then assign it to a user. If that user has a quasi-permanent connection (e.g. broadband) then they may use that IP address for a long time. If it’s a dial-up customer, then the chances are that the IP address is dynamically allocated and will change every time they dial up.

Someone else asked this question yesterday. You’re not related, right?

That may be the best you can get. With Dynamic IP addressing and NAT translation, you probably won’t be able to get any farther down than the ISP level, unless you’re in the LAN as the IP you’re looking for and you have a local DNS with meaningful names for all the IPs.

Short of attempting to break into their machine, which I don’t advise, the best you can do is find out the service provider who owns the address. After that, you’re treading on the illegitimate.

You can use the “traceroute” command. Under MS OSes it goes by the name “tracert”, use the IP address as the command line parameter. The feedback will tell you a lot about the ID given the ISP, which region it is in, etc. Lot’s of interesting info for a geek like me.

If your OS doesn’t have traceroute, there are Web versions which you can Google for. (But the route is from the Web server, not from you.)