Ipad 1 owners: are you upgrading to Ipad 2?

Ipad 1 owners: are you going to upgrade to an Ipad 2?

What are your reasons for doing so? What new “must have” features do you see in the Ipad 2?

If you aren’t going to upgrade, what are your reasons?


I just got the first iPad in November, so I haven’t had it long enough to want an upgrade, nor are the new features compelling enough for me to spend the money. Also, if I spend cash on any new geek tools, an Android phone is much more needed than another iPad.

Don’t see a need to upgrade; the new features aren’t a big draw for me.

Yes, wife wants the old one, I want the camera and lighter weight. Plus, I’m a developer, so it’s nice to be able to actually test features that use the new capabilities (camera, gyro, maybe more memory).

I will, since my wife uses the current one all the time.

I’m not planning to upgrade. For some reason the idea of better specs (memory, chip, etc.) doesn’t really excite me in the same way it would for a desktop or laptop. I already have about 20 devices that can do video chat, so that doesn’t do much for me either.

Then again, when I first saw the iPad I was like, “Meh” and now I love it, so who knows.

My wife will upgrade - she wants the camera so she can skype with her parents and likes the idea that it is lighter as she uses it as a e-reader

I’ll get the old Ipad - I wanted one anyway as I spend way too much time walking between meetings, in airports and traveling these days.

happy with the ipad 1 the 2 doesn’t have enough new features to warrant the expense besides there will probably be a 3 out this summer!

That’s not far from the truth, at the rate they’re going. The first iPad was released less than a year before they announced this one.

I’m waiting a few years while they figure out how these things really should work.

Yup. Planning to upgrade from a single 16 GB Wifi iPad to two iPads: a 64GB GSM model and a 16 GB Wifi model.

The current 16 GB model was a mistake. I didn’t reason things out. You see, I like to keep my photo library on it, and it just didn’t occur to me that it would be four times the size as it is on my iPhone. I want to add in the GSM so that I have a satnav receiver. I also want the camera so that it will work with FaceTime on the second iPad.

The second iPad will just be the most basic model, and I’ll give it to my mother-in-law in Mexico. My wife and I are about to move to China for three years, and it’ll be a lot hard to make routine visits, so FaceTime seems appealing. Plus, in the long run, it’s probably a lot cheaper than paying for long distance from China to Mexico. Plenty of support there; my brother-in-law has a current iPad.

…but apparently not for some weeks yet, as they’re sold out everywhere I can find in Washington (state).

No, but I’m going to buy one as a gift for my daughter. I just can’t figure out whether to get the Verizon or ATT one. How do you decide?

Wife got her iPad for xmas. She doesn’t see the need to upgrade. I’m torn between buying an iPad and a 2. I’ve got $350 cash which would buy a craigslisted iPad…but the 2 is ‘just’ $150 away (well, plus $30 for the cover)…a craigslist item would most likely come with a cover…

I just spent a week playing with a Nook Color that I rooted. It was capabile of being a perfectly serviceable tablet…speedy enough…but the bugfixes and polish weren’t there. Luckily, I turned around and craigslisted it for what I paid for it, so it was a free week’s science experiment.

I’m handing down my iPad to the wife/kids. The biggest draw for me is the lighter weight, thinner, and faster graphics/CPU. Some of the things I do on it will surely benefit from these things (although my current iPad isn’t exactly pokey, but there are some games…) Also, the cameras are nice. It was my biggest problem with the original.

Also, I’ll bet the gyroscope will enable some apps to be even more immersive… what these might be yet, I don’t know, but I’m sure there’ll be something that comes along where I’ll say, “Damn! I wish this had a gyroscope!”

I’ll probably buy a new one in about a month.

I’m handing down mine to my daughter and my husband is handing down his to my son. If it wasn’t for that plan I probably would wait another year for the iPad 3 (I don’t believe the rumours about September and you can’t make me).

My wife also uses ours all the time, so I ‘upgraded’ to a 16GB iPad1 refurb for $350.

It shipped for free from the factory in China and seems perfect.

(They still seem to have 32 and 65GB WiFi first gen for 14% off original retail and 3G models for a smaller discount.)

No chance they’ll put out the iPad 3 this year. Apple doesn’t work that way.

That was a rumor based on a comment from an Apple employee. I don’t think Apple would go less than a 12 month cycle…but if you DID assume there was some truth to it, it might be him talking about iOS 5?

… or a larger iPod Touch.

Nope. I’m not even sure the first one was worth it.