iPad keyboard usability

Before I got an iPad, I was using my Android phone for most of my non-phone tasks. I really like the Android keyboard. What I like most is that for numbers and special characters, you just have to hold down the key for a second to use the secondary character (there is still a shift key for uppercase). But on the iPad, you have to switch to completely different keyboards to enter numbers and special characters. This is especially a pain when entering a password that has a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters (one tap to switch and another tap to switch back).

Am I missing something basic about how to use the iPad keyboard more effectively? Are there settings or apps that can remap the keyboard or provide customized default keyboards?

Have a look here: 10 Useful iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks | Mashable

AFAIK there is no way to change the stock keyboard. You can make some cosmetic changes, like key colors and background color but that’s all.

You can get the accented letters by holding down the key, for example holding ‘a’ will give you a choice between à á â äæ ã å ā.

Switching for numbers and punctuation is a bit of a fag though, but you get used to it.

Thanks, this is very helpful, not something you would stumble over without knowing it. It’s a little better even if not quite ideal.

Good to know but I very rarely use diacritics.

I can deduce the meaning of “bit of a fag” from the context, but have never heard that before. Where are you from, if you don’t mind my asking?

That would raise some eyebrows if said in the US, where “fag” means only one thing.


Im sorry about that, I didn’t even think about the other meanings when I posted that… My apologies if I offended. :smack:

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