Special characters on an iPhone

I am of HIspanic descent. My last name is properly spelled with the letter ñ, which follows the letter n in the Spanish alphabet and is pronounced ‘n-yah.’

I have an iPhone, and I’d like my e-mail signature to have my real name in it.

Does anyone know how to generate that letter on an iPhone?

I’m on an iPad and I get additional character choices if I simply hold down on the letter.

N ń ñ, etc.

Yep, just hold down the n key for a second and a selection of alternate N’s will come up.

Yeah, same on an iPhone. Just hold down on a given letter for accented variations thereof. To save time, of course, you can also set up a typing shortcut for your name, through Settings>General>Keyboard, then “add new shortcut”, e.g. if your name is Ibáñez, you could set up a shortcut that would turn “Iba” into “Ibáñez”

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Yes, but to save having to do that, you can set up a shortcut, so that you can type the unaccented form (or just an abbreviation) and it replaces with the correctly spelled version.

iPhone typing shortcuts are very handy, e.g. in a text message I can type “otr” and it replaces to “On train, should be home about”, then I can just fill in the time and send it to let my wife know when to expect me. Saves a bunch of typing.

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For the love of Og, Don’t let Snowboarder Bo find out.

How did I survive not knowing this?

Thanks to all!