ipad security

what’s the security on an ipad like? can you just pick one up and use it for internet banking and such without worry? the appstore means you don’t need a viruscan, but what about the internet browser? (i am using chrome) there are options to control app access to microphones and such but none for the camera and internet access.

on my windows desktop, i am yet again harrassed by the Java update which i can’t turn off and i can’t uninstall because i need it for some websites i use. how is it not a malware when you can’t turn off updates and it tries to install a browser toolbar every single time you update? you also have to worry about having a viruscan and keeping it up-to-date. you also need to update your Java, browser, windows, flash and god knows what else to run a safe platform.

As with anything, the internet source is the key. If you’re using the Starbucks wifi (or any other open, public wifi), you’re open to people listening in to your wifi traffic and using it for on-line purchases or banking is a bad idea.

If you’re using a cellular connection, you’re probably quite a bit safer, but I’d still be wary of working with my financial accounts in a public setting.

I believe the trick to disabling Java updates is to run the Java settings program in Administrator Mode, otherwise any settings you make won’t stick.

thanks, that works.

ok, so no public wifi. could you explain what you mean by a public setting in your last sentence? someone could intercept my cellular connection outside?