iPhone app to make scrolling through SDMB threads way easier

I just installed an iPhone app that makes scrolling SDMB threads way easier.

It’s called QuickScroll and it’s available for free in Cydia (you need a jailbroken phone for this) under the category System.

I can scroll right to the posts I want to read in a long thread without having to keep flicking the screen to scroll all the way down to last few posts of a long thread.

It works in any app, but I find it most useful in apps that need lots of scrolling. Like Safari, Cydia, and any other app with a long list.

QuickScroll does not install an icon on the iPhone. To access the settings for QuickScroll, go to System/QuickScroll.

I’ve been using it for a day and it’s very stable.

These settings seem to work best:

Scrollbar: On
Tapping: On spot
Duration: 3secs
Activate by: Scrolliing
Disable for: All, except the ones you think need it

Really? No one reads the dope (or any other websites) on their iPhone? And no one hates scrolling through long web pages, news stories, threads, etc. on a small screen? And no one wants the convenience of better-than-portrait-mode-scrolling with landscape mode readability? And no one wants to install this?

Maybe I should change the thread title from “scrolling” to “trolling” :smiley: Then will you little rascals come to play in my thread?

Sounds good but I don’t intend to jailbreak mine so I can’t use it.


Yeah, I kinda left the jailbreak scene behind when I upgraded to the 3GS. Too many niggling little headaches associated with the primary reasons you jailbreak. (App instability in certain cases, increased memory usage if you use Winterboard (especially with any themes) which itself can cause instabilities, and so on. It was fine as long as you rebooted periodically throughout the day, but frankly I got a bit tired of doing that. Unjailbroken, my 3GS almost never has to be rebooted; it’s far more stable than either of my previous two iPhones with or without jailbreak. I’ve gone weeks without a reboot and I’d rather not monkey with that.

Besides, there are ways to browse the Dope in a way that you can avoid tons fo scrolling within threads. To go to the newest unread message in a thread you can always click the down-arrow beside the thread title (the “V” lookin’ thing), and as always you can scroll right to the top of any document by tapping the top of the screen.