iPhone Auto Dialing Question

A few months ago I received my new iPhone 6S Plus. I love the phone, but I’ve noticed a problem since the first day I got it.

I carry the iPhone in a holster on my belt, and about 25% of the time when I put my phone in the holster it auto dials somebody, usually the last person I called. I must be doing something to make this happen, either touching the screen or pushing a button.

I try to turn off my phone before I holster it, but I don’t always remember to do that. Is there some ‘dial the last number’ screen or button combination I am inadvertently hitting that could cause this behavior, and more importantly is there any way to turn this feature off?

Huh. I have the iPhone 6S Plus, and I love the phone. I’ve never had any similar problem, though I do not use a holster (just my pockets).

I’ve had many iPhones before and never had this problem, but my family is getting tired of getting butt dialed by me during the day…

I would like to know the answer to this, because it happens to me a lot.

The best way is to actually turn the phone off before you put it in your pocket. If you leave it on, still in the phone app, there’s no telling what might happen. You might redial the last number, you might dial some arbitrary number from your contacts, you might dial 911, you might erase your contacts, etc. Just turn it off and you won’t have to worry about disabling individual features. Think of it as a cigarette lighter. You wouldn’t stuff a burning lighter in your pocket, would you?


Isn’t one of the reasons for carrying a cell phone so that people can reach you? If you turn it off, you won’t know someone is calling you, as it won’t ring. This could be problematic if, for example, you have a sick family member at home or your job requires you to be on call.

No, I’m not saying to completely power it down. I’m saying turn the screen off, so it stops taking input. You just tap the power button before you put it in your pocket.


I get that, but I have never had this problem before… ever. So the only thing that has changed is this version of iPhone. Perhaps because the screen is larger there’s a greater chance of me touching the screen while putting it in my holster without first turning it off. That’s the only reason I can think of… old habits die hard.

That’s not the same thing as turning the phone off, which you said to do in the post of yours that I quoted. I would have said “put it to sleep,” or “put it on standby,” or simply, “turn off the screen.”

I would have said “lock the phone” before sticking it in your pocket.

Ok, accepted. I was just using the same term that the OP used, to avoid confusion.


The iPhone 6s and above have a pick up to wake function in iOS 10 which can be turned off in settings. It maybe the way you put your phone back does trigger this, which would have the phone default to the last thing - though I do think you would also have to press the home button to unlock it via the fingerprint scanner.