iPhone docks, iPhone cases, and the compatibility between them

So, a couple weeks ago I got a new iPhone 3GS.

I’d like to get one of those alarm clock deals to go with it, mainly so I can charge it right next to the bed. Of course, like most people I’ve also got a hard silicone/plastic case around it, so it gets fatter than a naked iPhone.

I can look around and see what is compatible and what isn’t as far as a the naked phone, but is there any good way to tell (besides cracking open boxes) if there is a way to fit iPhone+Case into a dock? Because there isn’t a chance in hell of my cracking the thing open every night to charge it.

Anyone have any experience or recommendations?


You might be able to find a dock with an adjustable opening. I haven’t shopped for one lately but the one I have has a fixed width but adjustable depth. That way any of my ipods will fit it with or without cases. Personally, I prefer not to use a case with my iphone but if I open my dock all the way it woud fit while in a case.

When I had a case on my iPhone (I got sick of it and removed it a few months ago), I had aGriffin Elan Form. The piece on the bottom easily comes off so you can use a dock or other similar accessories. There are other cases with similar features. Might be easier to change cases than to find a dock with the right sized opening.