iPhone - how to see spoiler boxes

I was just wondering if anyone knows how to view the contents of a spoiler box on an iPhone?


If you click (touch?) the ‘Quote’ box, it will bring up a text window with that particular post and you can read it there. Otherwise, you can’t do it because iphone doesn’t current allow for highlighting text.

The iPhone has no cut and paste, and no arrow keys on its keyboard. You can manoeuvre the cursor with your fingertip, but it’s not as precise. Unfortunately, this means no highlighting.

I really wish they’d add this in the version 2.2 update. Along with support for Flash.

I doubt it. Apple knows better than you, and if they say you don’t need to highlight, cut and paste, and have flash support…well who are you to argue with them? :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: There might be a web browser and/or modification you can install on a Jailbroken iPhone, but obviously most owners don’t want to do that to their iPhone.