iPhone: I’ve synced my Google contacts. Can I add new contacts to the Google account?

Hi all,

I’ve just got a shiny new iPhone 11. I’m very happy with it so far. It’s replacing an Android handset.

All my contacts are in Google, and I’d like to continue using Google Contacts as the single “source of truth” for such information. I have successfully synced the iPhone to my Google account (settings > accounts > Google) so that the native iOS “Contacts” app pulls my Google contacts through. I also get my Gmail mails in the native Mail app. All good.

However, when I click the “create new contact” button in the Contacts app, it creates a new contact in my iCloud account, which isn’t what I want - I want the contact to be created in the Google account which is synced to the phone. I can’t see an option to select which account the new contact is linked to.

I’ve tried searching for advice, but all the results I’m getting are about syncing your Gmail account to your iPhone, which I have already done.

I appreciate that the sync might be one-way, and if that’s the case I can live with it (I can always add new contacts in Google’s web interface) - but if I’m missing something obvious, I’d like to hear about it. :slight_smile:

In the Contacts app, tap “Groups” in the upper left corner. On the Groups page, you can filter the contact list to only show contact from a particular source. If you first click “Hide All Contacts” and then select “Gmail”, then “Done” in the upper right, you’ll return to a filtered view of the main contacts list screen. If you use the “+” icon in the upper right to add a new contact on the filtered list, it will be added and synced to the account that you filtered on.

I just tested and verified this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13.1.3 and the contact was created and added to my gmail contacts which I could see via a web browser. The sync was pretty much instantaneous for me.

Thank you! That worked perfectly. Since the only iCloud contact I have is myself (I assume because Apple add that automatically) I’ll permanently keep the Gmail Group filter active and that should be that. :slight_smile: