iPhone iPod question

Is there any way to get my iPhone NOT to give me that stupid album flip view when I accidentally turn it sideways? I can’t find a setting to change, and I hate that crap. The controls disappear, it’s stupid, and sometimes it crashes the iPod when I turn it back. Am I stuck with it?

Also, any idea why the iPod program keeps crashing all of a sudden?

If you’re having chronic crashing problems a reboot (hold down the sleep button for a few seconds), turn it off, then hit it again) will usually clear it up.

I did that. It kept happening.

I think that if you’re willing to hack your iPhone, there is something out there which will fix it (google “iphone hacks” if you’re interested, will probably void your warranty, make hair grow on your palms, and cause Steve Jobs to hate you). AFAIK, there’s nothing from Apple or in the App Store which will allow you to fix this.

As for the crashing, have you installed any Apps via wirelessly? Apparently that can cause problems with the iPhones at times. The fix is to do a reset of the phone via the iTunes software, and to not install apps wirelessly.

I believe I’ve installed some apps wirelessly, yes. Will try the reset tonight.

And I’m not really willing to hack the phone. I just can’t STAND that damned album flip crap. Why would you ever decide that I didn’t want a skip forward button anymore just because I turned the thing on its side?

Yeah, the Coverflow thing looks cool, but it strikes me as a pretty pointless feature (like the “shake to shuffle” on the new Nanos).