I messed something up on my iPhone. Help!

I listen to podcasts all day on my iPhone. I was really surprised when I found out that my company-supplied Bluetooth was compatible with the iPhone, which freed me from earbuds yay! But after 6 months of use, I somehow messed up a setting. Now if I open any other function than the podcasts, it pauses the podcast until I leave that function. I’m used to listening to podcasts while playing a game or using the net. Anybody have any idea how to get it back to the original setting?

2 suggestions:
Assuming you’re using iOS 7, swipe up on the screen to access the Control Panel and press “play”.
Ensure your phone is backed up to iCloud or iTunes, then do a reset. Seems drastic but the whole process should take 15 minutes.

I don’t know the answer to this particular question necessarily, but anytime my iPhone starts acting wonky, I do a soft reset by holding the home button and top button (sleep/wake button) until it shuts off and restarts. But that’s not if I messed up a setting. That’s just if the phone starts acting unpredictably. I don’t know what setting would mess up the podcasts, but if you don’t remember changing any settings, try the soft reset.

I’m trying the soft reset right now. Thanks. And yes, it is iOS 7.

That fixed it! Thanks, pulykamell. I was going to try your first suggestion, GregH, once I figured out what you were saying, which literally made me go :smack:. I really felt a little stupid for a second there…:o