iPod Artwork

My artwork for my iPod tunes used to be correct. Then my brother suggested I should use a J River Media product instead of iTunes, and to demonstrate, copied a CD to my iPod using it. Now, all of the artwork in cover flow is the same pic, namely, of the CD we copied. Also, the artwork displayed while playing is also from this same CD. If you go to a specific artist’s music where all CDs are displayed, the correct picture is there.

Now, something weird. I just synced a few things from iTunes that I just bought. Now, the artwork that is displayed is from a different CD that was already on my iPod. Anyway, to make a long story short, is there any way I can get the artwork back in order without having to delete everything and starting from scratch?

Also, while I’m here, what would happen if I disconnect before ejecting? I’m thinking something along the lines of nuclear meltdown, so always eject first…

I have and “old” iPod (the original version of what they now call Classic), so things may be different on yours. I take care of artwork issues by going to the Music tab and unchecking the “Display Artwork” box then hitting Apply. After it deletes the artwork I recheck the box and hit Sync and wait for it to reload the artwork.

Is the correct artwork displayed in iTunes when you have the IPod connected to the computer? My most frequent issue is when I change artwork on tracks that are already in the iPod, the correct art will display in iTunes, but after I unplug it the iPod keeps displaying the old art. The above procedure solves it.

Thanks Harvey The Heavy. I appreciate your response.