An iPod question: Substituting album-cover art

I recently ripped some songs from a CD onto my iPod. For some bizarre reason, along with the songs came an album cover image that doesn’t match the album (same first name of the artist, but different guy, different genre, etc.). How can I dump these images and put in the correct cover art?

I usually don’t worry about cover images, but having images that are flat-out wrong bugs me.

Cover art gets attached to a song one of 3 ways that I know.

  1. the user puts it there manually
  2. the user uses some shareware program or iTunes relatively recent “Get Album Artwork” to add it to music, or
  3. it comes along with the song when you buy it from the iTunes Music Store.

Anyway, to do #1, You find the artwork that you like (usually an Amazon or Google Image search will do the trick).

Then in iTunes, you select the song you want to have that artwork, Press Command or Control I to “Get Song Info”. Click on the Artwork tab in the info window, delete the existing “bad” art and paste the new graphic you found into the window instead.

Note: If you have two or more songs selected, you just highlight the “Artwork” field in the “multiple song info” dialog box.

Another bit of info about the mystery of cover art:
iTunes is quite happy keeping cover art for your album in a separate metadata database, completely outside of your files.
I know this because my MP3s are stored as read only files on a Linux box, but iTunes happily assigns them album art when it has it.

Of course, when I do the command-I trick mentioned by Brad, the album art gets embedded in the MP3 file and iTunes uses that as the official one.

Note that iTunes will silently fail if the MP3 file is not writable and you edit the file properties. I have to make the files writable from my Linux box before applying album art changes (and this is intentional).

When you go to Amazon and find the artwork, you don’t need to copy/paste. Just drag the image right onto the Album Art square of the info page.