Update/restore album cover art on iTunes?

I’ve got a mildly technical question about my iTunes account. I have a MacBook Pro from late 2013 and the latest version of iTunes. I was just looking at my David Bowie albums and noticed that most of them–including some I’d bought from iTunes–did not have the album cover art, even though they used to. There used to be a feature where they would search for and update album cover art, but the current version of iTunes doesn’t appear to have this feature any longer.

What are my options?


File -> Library -> Get Album Artwork

Selecting tracks, right-clicking and choosing “Get Album Artwork” works for me (OS X 10.11.1, iTunes

That did it! I have possibly fraudulent memories of it being File -> Get Album Artwork.

That option is there. but it doesn’t do anything for me. I recently got a new iMac, and lots of my artwork was missing (I used to have it all, but it seemed to disappear when I started using iTunes Match.

Anyway, choosing Get Album Artwork does nothing for me. I click it, it asks me if I want to update the artwork, but it doesn’t actually do it. I have to choose “Get Info”, then find the artwork online and drag it into the artwork box.

Me too. I’ve actually had iTunes give me incorrect artwork for an album, when it even gives it at all.

I have an iPhone but the rest of my stuff is Windows PC and all my music files are MP3s. I use MP3Tagto encode the album art into the MP3 file metadata itself so they don’t ever get lost.

I just did this to a few stubborn holdouts. A few albums just don’t want a cover shown.

Or you could do what I do, manually change the artwork. Often to scantily clad babes