iPod: Enter passcode

I’m still using an iPod I bought… I don’t know how long ago. A dozen? Anyway, it’s an iPod Touch, 1st Generation. Mostly, I plug it into the dock of the clock radio on my desk twice a week when I come into the office. The only other times I use it is on the rare, long road trip.

This morning I plugged it in as usual and got preoccupied getting my day started. I looked over to move the slider to open it up, and there was a screen saying I needed to enter a passcode. I have no recollection of ever giving it a passcode. It hasn’t been plugged into a computer in years. I pulled it out of the dock, shut it off, and restarted it. From there I could ‘slide to unlock’ as expected.

  1. Why would this screen suddenly show up after over a decade of use?
  2. Assuming I did give it a long-forgotten passcode, what recourse would I have if the restart didn’t work?

Just hit enter. If you didn’t set a passcode the default is nothing. And if that doesn’t work good luck.

Thanks. I’ll try that if it comes up again.

Assumedly you have your music and playlists backed up somewhere, just in case?