Ipod Nano ? and general bitch.

The iPod Nano is perhaps the worse piece of shit that I have ever encountered.

The software is cluggy and just plain bizarre. There does not seem to be any way to download songs to the iPod. It, just won’t.

The iTunes software does nothing.

I’m a programmer. And I have spent the last FIVE fucking hours trying to get this thing to work (it was a gift for my wife). It will not download any existing MP3’s. It doesn’t even recognize that you have them.

It does not see them. I can point to them. But when I try to load them in the Nano, nothing happens. It just ignores everything.

I got nothing.

Oh, yeah. The stupid thing came with a few cartoons for instructions.




Which operating system are you using? Windows or Mac?

When you plug your iPod in with iTunes running, does a thing at the top say anything akin to “Updating iPod?”

What I do with my boyfriend’s iPod is I create a playlist and then I upload it to the iPod. A button appears on my iTunes if it recognizes the iPod. If your computer is not recognizing the iPod, you have a definite problem. If it is and you just can’t get it to upload, you might need to update your iTunes (the disc that comes with the iPod is not necessarily the most updated version - apple.com always has it).

From what I hear, those who are computer-inept do it just fine, while those of us that are computer-savvy have problems most of the time. :slight_smile: Thing took me three hours to figure out.


I’m on a 2 year old dell with XP. I have booted it a couple of times.

The USB port seems to be doing fine. It has charged the Ipod in any case.

I just want to transfer some .mp3’s into it. Or anything. When I go to the iTunes software on my computer, I can’t put songs into the playlist.

I’m gonna call Apple.

Ugh, don’t get me started. I got both of my kids a Nano for Christmas…the girl’s worked and the boy’s didn’t. We spent hours trying to bring the damn thing to life, but we’re going to have to ship it back to them.

Then the boy’s remote control helicopter wouldn’t do anything but spin in a circle. By mid-morning, the kid was looking pretty glum.

huh, I’ve had a nano for over a year and the only time I had real problems with was shortly after I got water in it. :rolleyes: Then it dried out and worked fine. I got my daughter one for her birthday and hers works fine, too.

I’m medium-computer savvy and my iTunes software is ok, too. Guess I’m just lucky.


Just called Apple.

The automated system was no help and there was no way on the phone tree to talk to a real person.

4 times.

“Call back later” Can’t even go on hold.

I’m getting a bit agravated.

Try the web site.

Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

enipla, I bet there are Dopers who could help you out if you described the problem in a little more detail. Is iTunes detecting your songs and showing them in the library? What specifically is happening when you connect the iPod?

Typing one hand now cause of the phone.

I’m on hold hold.

Sad sort of I bought the Ipod for my wife, and she bought me an EXPENSIVE Garmin GPS60.

But the GPS unit did not have the 8 digit code to download maps with it. And Garmin is closed today. Sooooooo……. After Hours at Gamin’s site (it sucks) and talking to the folks that sold it to us, there was nothing we can do with out that code.

But by God I’m gonna get something figured out today. Even the little IPOD.

I,m at 8 hours now trying to get something figured out.

Yeah, I’d need a little more detail. (Windows user here who’s owned an iPod for 5 months and adores it, previously thought they were stupid.) I’m not sure what you mean by “put songs onto the playlist.” On iPods, a “playlist” is a subset of the songs currently on the iPod, like “my upbeat exercise set,” etc. Are you having trouble creating a playlist, or transferring songs to the iPod? If the latter, have you used iTunes and chosen the “add folders to library” option to snag your music folders into the iTunes “library” of music for the iPod?

Are your mp3 files already imported into iTunes or had you been playing them with another player? If they’re not in iTunes, import them there.

If you can get the software to recognize the Nano, when you have iTunes open, try going to File–>sync So and so’s ipod
If it’s not even recognizing the Nano, I’ve got nothing else to help you.

1: DL the latest verion of itunes

2: Use a different USB port on your machine (preferably one that’s not adjacent to the one you’re trying now).

Should have bought a Zune.

[sub]Just kidding…[/sub]

I think I have it figured out. Not for sure though.

The iTunes must import into it’s “music” database before it can be transferred into a play list.

The play list import function lets you browse for stuff (on C:\ [the MP3’s are already there])…… but you can’t do a damn thing with it.


The instructions are less then helpful. If I even dare call them instructions.


Got a new Garmin GPS unit for X-mas too. But the code to down load maps is missing.

It’s supposed to be included with the CD. It isn’t there.

Garmin, is of corse, closed today, the day after Christmas. Fine. Everyone needs time off. I do too.

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Maybe the music is playing and your headphones are bad.

Just throwin’ that out there.

there’s a secret to getting past Apple’s automated phone attendant…

just keep yelling “Operator” as the response for every question, it may take 3 or 4 tries, but at some point the software will get confused and exasperated and dump you to an Operator (an actual live person)

If I’m understanding this correctly, by doing this, you are telling iTunes to import a playlist. This is different from telling it to see bunch of mp3s on your hard drive.

What you need to do is tell iTunes where your mp3s are stored. This is done by choosing the Edit menu and choosing Preferences. On the Advanced tab is a field at the top that says “iTunes Music location”. If the file path there isn’t pointing to the directory you keep your mp3s in, use the Change button to select it.

Your songs should show up in the lefthand Source window, under Library. From there, you should be able to drag-and-drop mp3 files from anywhere onto iTunes’ window (make sure your iPod is selected under Source).

The iTunes interface:

Adding songs from your hard drive to iTunes:

Adding songs from iTunes to your iPod:

Why don’t you try sticking in a CD in your computer and put a couple songs on your playlist and see if you can manage to get a few songs on your ipod.

If you can, it might not be the ipod. The music on your computer are mp3’s, right?

People who are use to dealing with directories and file extensions and simple drag and drop MP3 players will probably find the iPod/iTunes interface bizzare and confusing. I certainly did. I think people who don’t know much about computers will find it somehow MORE intuitive, in that if you follow the process exactly step by step, iTunes will present your music in a reasonably simple way, abeit one that is extremely inelegant underneath. After that it works reasonably well, just remember it’s designed to be used by complete ignoramuses.