Ipod Nano ? and general bitch.

I found out something not so nice about the nano myself. You don’t get shit out of the nano unless you talk to it in terms of playlists. You packrat collector-types who never playlisted your iTunes music? Forget the nano. It doesn’t want your music. It wants your fucking PLAYLISTS. You got 6,000 tunes on your iTunes and only room for half of 'em on your nano? Get bent. You gotta either add 'em all one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one or organize 'em all into ASS FUCKING PLAYLISTS.

I dunno about the PC issues involved. As a rough guess, I’d multiply all Apple iPod difficulties by a factor of 10.

FWIW, my daughter got an Ipod-Shuffle the other day and, despite fiddling with the damn thing for hours, we still can’t get it to work. At all.

We toyed with the idea of using up our “one telephone call” (or whatever the term is they use to describe your one chance at resolution by talking with a real human being), but decided against it given that it was Boxing Day and things would likely be lined up. Sounds like we were right about that.

We did try the web site. It only took me about 20 minutes to realize we were going around it in one big circle, link to link. :o

I literally cannot remember the last time I bought something (hardware or software) for the computer that didn’t work properly, immediately upon installation.

This is the simplest way to start using an iPod and iTunes…

First reset your Nano. Toggle your Hold switch from Hold back to not on Hold. Then press and hold the Menu and Center buttons for about 10 seconds until the faint Apple logo appears. Now connect the Nano to your computer if it’s not already, start iTunes, and the player should appear in the Source list on the left side of iTunes. At this point, something like “do not disconnect” should appear on the Nano.

As for iTunes, first load up your MP3’s into your Library. This is done by going into the iTunes settings and changing the folder where the library looks for music to whatever folder you store MP3’s in. Then once the Library is loaded up with your songs, create a playlist and drag the songs that you want in your iPod from the Library to that Playlist. Now plug in your iPod and tell it to sync only that playlist.

I find iTunes okay when I’m just moving items in my library or copying from a CD, but the iTunes website is nonsensically un-user-friendly and obscure. Perhaps this is how my grandparents felt about VCRs, but I’m reasonably good at this stuff and it’s not at all intuitive.

Exactly what doesn’t work? Does the player not show up in iTunes? Or is something else going wrong?

Apple is doubtless scared to death that allowing users to endlessly copy music they may have received for free will sooner or later end up with music industry attack-dog lawyers on them like a candiru on a urethra.

FWIW, I use a Sansa e200R player with Rhapsody, but it seems that every time someone I know has a problem with their iPod, it’s that iTunes doesn’t recognize their player, and a player reset almost always fixes it.

That’s me! My music is a mess and why I stick with the shuffle.

Someone here recommended this, (sorry I forget who) but a great recovery tool.


Of course the nano isn’t gonna be ideal for packrats who just wanna dump on a portable hard-drive. You want that? Buy the full-sized iPod. These days, the top end of the nano is pretty equivalent price-wise with the medium end of the full-sized, so it all depends on what you’re looking for. You want a no-frills music player that will hold 2500-3000 songs? Nano works fine. You want much more than that? Go flippin’ bigger. Don’t want to organize your files into playlists but can’t be bothered to browse for the song you want (you know, in the Music->Songs category)? One, please stop being stupid, and two, use the search function they put on the new generation.


For the longest time (like hours), we couldn’t even get the computer to recognize the Ipod as a new piece of hardware. Frankly, I’m not sure why it eventually did.

At that point, the iTunes menu actually (and finally) contained a listing of the Ipod (i.e. even iTunes now recognized it). Great! Alas, that was for just a few minutes. Basically, while I was considering what to do next, it said that there was a problem with the device (the Ipod) and that it was “corrupt”; would I like to update or restore it? I answered ‘yes’ and waited for the program to do its job. About five minutes later, I got an errior message telling me that the restore/update was aborted. The message itself was non-descript, something like, ‘iTunes has encountered an error and cannot continue’.

I tried again. Same thing five minutes into it. Same error message.

My daughter and I were both frustrated at that point and just left it - assuming we’ll either take it back to the store or, possibly, try to see how our one phone call goes.

I’m sure there’s probably a simple reason for all this. The big problem is that I don’t know what it is! As I said in my earlier post, I really can’t remember the last time something like this happened when I tried to install new hardware. In fact, I don’t think it’s EVER happened with the computer I’m now using - XP based.

I appreciate what I think is your offer to advise, OneChance.

I think the point is you can’t add songs by album or artist.

It might be that the USB port the iPod is plugged into is going to sleep. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, go to the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager, double-click on “Universal Serial Bus controllers,” then double-click on each item in that section and go to the Power Management tab (if there is one) and uncheck the “Allow…save power” option. Then restart your computer.

Also, make sure you’re plugging into a port on the back of your computer. I’ve seen problems with using USB hubs, USB ports on the front of the computer, or ports elsewhere such as on the monitor. Back-of-the-computer ports usually work best from what I’ve seen.

You also can’t just drag big blocks of unplaylisted songs from one Pod to another. But that apparently qualifies as Being Stupid.

Apparently. Though when you consider that (some of) the Nanos have more space than the original iPod you have to wonder what they were thinking.

The ways of the candiru are subtle yet deadly. You may think you are just peeing in the vast, rushing river…but… :eek:

Karl Gauss: Before you use up your one phone call to Apple support, you might want to try using Apple’s Support Site. I check the Ipod Discussion Forums whenever we have issues with our iPods, there are usually several helpful threads.

Also, as far as I know, the only way to move music into any iPod other than the shuffle is by playlist; that’s how it was when I got my first iPod three years ago, and that’s how I’ve always understood it. When you sync, you are still using or syncing playlists; it’s just that iTunes is managing it for you. I manually manage my music myself.

Sure you can. You can either create a new smart playlist naming the artist / album or you can manually create a playlist and drag and drop the songs into it.

OK while I admit my tone was rather snippy before, and I retract that, I second Rick’s statement. A smart playlist takes all of two seconds to create, or there’s the “Album” category you can press in Library and just select all the songs on the album you want, drag and drop. You can even link them as a compilation so that they only play one right after the other. As for automatically syncing with certain albums so that they update automatically, I’m hard up thinking of any music software that does it, though I admit my experience is limited to WinAmp and MusicMatch…

??? You can’t drag anything from one iPod to another, but you can’t do that with any mp3 player other than trading on the Zune wireless. Every other one requires some computer interface. I will admit the iPod pisses me off in the way that it forces you to upload music through iTunes and you have to go through all sorts of third parties to download them off. If that’s what you’re referring to, I concede that point. Otherwise I don’t have a friggin clue what you’re mentioning. I can drag any chunk of mp3, sorted or junk, to my iPod and it downloads just fine.

What’s inelegant about the way iTunes organizes your music? It creates an Artist/Album/Songs directory structure automatically, which is more or less exactly how I would choose to organize my music anyway… If you don’t want to let iTunes do that part of the organization, just set up your music however you want to, and tell it not to copy songs into the library on import. As long as the songs are in the iTunes database (even if they’re not in the actual iTunes music directory), they should still sync with the iPod just fine.

You can’t drag any music directly from one iPod to another, as Priam said, but I suspect a lot of this is to avoid pissing off the RIAA…

I don’t have a single play list on my Nano. What I did was create a Music folder on the desktop, put all my stuff in there, opened iTunes, dragged the songs to iTunes, and then I did all of my organization there. All iTunes is is an organizer/uploader for your iPod.

Once it’s all sorted in iTunes it’s very elegant. However, if your music files don’t have tags in ID3 format it’s a pain to do them all manually, and it’s really a pain to search if you don’t organize them properly.