Ipod Problem

I’m running a mac (now with Tiger but I re-installed 10.3 a while ago and I think thats when the problems started) in conjunction with my ipod & itunes, my problem is as follows: I forgot (don’t know how) to ‘deauthorize’ the ipod from itunes before I wiped the (computer’s not ipods) drive and reinstalled the operating system. Itunes won’t let me copy any of the mp3s (ripped from my cds) stored on my ipod due to their security thing. Anyways I was hoping there is a simple thing I can do in itunes to once again be able to take mp3s off the ipod (so I can burn mix cds for my car). I know I could get 3rd party software to take the tracks off but I would love to just be able to do it through itunes.

Might be worth checking out the forum here about connecting iPods to iTunes on a Mac…there’s probably someone with similar issues.

AFAIK, no version of iTunes will allow you to go from iPod -> iTunes. (At least my Windows iPod and iTunes won’t.) I can mount my iPod as a removable HD and copy the music that way, or use the aforementioned 3rd party software, as I did when I had a hard drive corrupt the other day and wipe out my music library.

I’d say your best bet is to go look at iPod Lounge or one of the other iPod community sites and look for shareware or hopefully freeware that will let you restore your songs.

Go here:

there’s a bit of discussion about a issue similar to yours and some links within which will direct you how to get around this.

Note that there are several ways to get the songs off the iPod, but you’ll lose all of your playlists, and various other information, depending on how you do it. I transfered my collection to a different computer that way, and lost all the ratings, too.

Apple’s iTunes will not let you get music off your iPod onto a computer, simply because Apple would get too much flak from the music labels and the RIAA if they did.

But as others have noted, getting the songs from the iPod to a computer is only moderately difficult – just not with the iTunes program.

The simplest way is to use the Terminal program. I forgot the path to where iPods store the music, but the incantation would look something like:

cp -r /Volumes/my_iPod/music/ ~/iPod_Backup_dir