iPod won't sync correctly

My daughter’s iPod won’t sync correctly with iTunes recently. Playlists don’t appear on the iPod and newly purchased music isn’t going over either. Here are some specifics:

1st gen iPod Nano
iTunes 7.4 on Win XP Pro

Things I’ve done:

Updated iTunes to most recent version.
Restored and updated the Nano.

Nano is set for:
Open iTunes when iPod is connected - checked
Sync only checked songs - checked
Manually manage music - not checked
Enable disk use - not checked

I haven’t tried checking manually manage music and dragging the stuff over yet, but why should I have to do that?

The problem may have started some weeks ago when the computer seemed to fail to recognize her iPod and asked for all the information such as serial number, etc. I think maybe iTunes thinks the playlists are for some other iPod and thus won’t send them over. Any thoughts on how to rectify this problem?

Does the Nano show up in iTunes? If you click on it, do you that white screen that has tabs for summary, music, podcasts, photos and contacts?

If so, look at, say, the Music tab. Is Sync Music checked? If not, check it. Then choose either “all songs and playlists” or “selected playlists” (and choose one or more playlists, of course). Then click the “sync” button at the lower right.

If none of that works, I got nothin’.

Does it show up in Itunes or My computer? If it’s not showing up in My computer there may be a drive conflict

That’s what it was! Thanks.
Obligatory :smack: