IQ Question

My girlfriend tried one of those do-it-yourself IQ tests. One section gives you a set of three words, and asks you to come up with a fourth that goes with the other three in some way. What they seem to mean is find a word that combines with each of the other three. For example the answer for: garden, bud, bowl was rose. The question we’re stuck on is: leaves, bag, party. The printed answer is TF, which I assume is a typo. However, I can’t come up with anything better. Any guesses?



Wow, nice job, both of you.

Wow. I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to involve the knowledge of the term “Rose Bowl” in an IQ test.

How ironic.

Fecal matter.



What is a “rose bowl”? I couldn’t find an entry for it on

In the US at the end of college football season there are some games played by various teams with good records. These are called bowl games. One of the oldest of these games is the Rose Bowl. So basically only Americans would be able to answer this question.

garden, bud, bowl : ganga!
leaves, bag, party : ganga!

It’s the answer to ALL the IQ test questions!


The question we’re stuck on is: leaves, bag, party.

I think the words they want is “tipsy”, as in:

“He leaves the party when he’s in the bag.”

llydiabeato, bring a bag of leaves to the party and we’ll have a bonfire.