IQ tests

My wife and I are going to get a new TV. She wants it to be located down in the living room and I want it to be located in our bedroom. To determine who gets to put it where, we decided to see who is smarter. Is there an IQ test on the web that we could take to test our intelligence?

If you honestly believe that regardless of what the IQ test says, you are not going to do exactly what your wife wants in the end, you’re not as smart as you think…

IQ tests have been discussed in lots of threads. One of the things that is frequently mentioned is the fact that online IQ tests are worthless. If this is just a idle game to you, go ahead and use the tests, but don’t think that you’ll be getting an accurate IQ.

There are plenty of purported IQ tests on the web, but there are no meaningful IQ tests on the web. To get a meaningful result, you need to spend a lot of time with a trained psychologist, and even then, the test will mostly just identify learning disabilities.

Do what she wants. That demonstrates intelligence.

A second TV costs about $200 or so. Then you could have one in both locations. A divorce costs way, way more than that.

Prudence is the better part of wossname. Would you REALLY want to have some sort of test where one of you comes out “smarter” than the other? Whether the test is reliable or not, it seems to me that it would only be a source of acrimony.

Flip a coin. It’s just as accurate as an online IQ test.