Ira = Farc = Ira = Farc...

And I’m sure things will improve greatly with folks like you offering such constructive solutions :rolleyes:

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There’s no reason why we can’t have a debate on the connections between the FARC and the IRA. But it does appear that the OP’s purpose in starting this thread was to rant about how awful the IRA is.

Your OP claims the IRA has been “training” FARC “for about 20 years,” Griffin. It’s put up or shut up time. Let’s see your evidence.

Moderator’s Note: It does rather appear that the O.P. is more interesting in ranting than in reasoned debate, so I think I’ll give him his implicit wish and send his thread somewhere where he can rant.

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griffin, you are full of shit.

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Well, I am glad I’m a leek-eating longbow shooting hick Welsh Griffith.

Summary of issue. Colombia arrested these three Irish guys last August and says they were helping train FARC members, and suddenly with 9/11 it’s a “worldwide terrorist” thing to U.S. Congresspersons, so the U.S. Congress authorized somebody to go do a report on it, and not surprisingly the Republicans discovered “worldwide terrorist” links in the “fact” that the IRA has been “training FARC members all along”.

Some Americans think it’s crap.

Griffin, you got any cites that aren’t from the “Colombian authorities”, who apart from the Republicans seem to be the only ones claiming that the IRA really is training FARC?

It was last August. Where you been?

Oops, I forgot:

And just exactly why would the Irish Republican Army be interested in training Colombian guerrillas to overthrow the Colombian government? Refresh my memory…

And, notice how in the link from last August, there’s not the slightest hint of a “global terrorist network”. No, it took the U.S. Congress to come up with that particular spin. :rolleyes:

Uh huh. :rolleyes:

Personally I don’t give a royal rat’s arse if they were training FARC members. FARC are no worse than the thugs the US government has been assisting in Colombia. Or anywhere else on the planet for that matter. The whole thing just seems designed to drum up outrage sufficient to get Congress to authorise more spending for US military intervention in the region. Fortunately a lot of Congressmen don’t seem to be buying it.

Wow. You obviously know a lot about Tae Kwon Do if you’re talking about using your HANDS to kill someone.:putz

[aside: for those of you who don’t know, Tae Kwon Do is as much about violently using everything that isn’t one’s hands as it is about anything else. Its name, literally translated, means “hand foot art”. TG’s bit about using his hands is sort of like me saying “Yeah, I’ll use my aluminum bat in the major leagues”.]

By which I mean, of course, :wally

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Well, I’m British and a former member of the armed forces so my opinion of Irish terrror groups or those who fund them isn’t too high. C18 ain’t on my Christmas card list either.

In order to throw some kind of statistics into the mix I’d direct people to this site: - It seems to be pretty well balanced as it deals with all the major factions involved.

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In today’s Sunday Times newspaper, here in UK:

Photos Link More IRA Men to Columbia
New photographic evidence linking senior IRA operatives to the training of terrorists in Columbia has been revealed by an American enquiry.

Pictures believed to have been taken by the Columbian immigration authorities and passed to the Americans show two Irishmen using false identities to enter the South American country.

One is said to be Padraic Wilson, the IRA’s former commander in the Maze prison, who was closely involved in setting up the decommissioning process. Wilson, caught building a Semtex booby-trap bomb in 1991, was released early under the 1998 Good Friday agreement. He is close to Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader, and was the first leading IRA figure publicly to back decommisioning. If he is proved to have been in Columbia, it could further harm the peace process.

The Columbians say 15 IRA terrorists helped in the training between 1998 and 2001. Seven have been identified and are to be questioned by garda in the Irish Republic.

Much of the evidence against the men came from a Farc defector. he said he recieved explosives training from McCauley, Monaghan and Connolloy in the former Farc-controlled demilitarised zone, which is about the size of Wales. The defector said the men trained him in making bombs and mines. They were detected when the Columbian military intercepted a Farc radio transmission in which a leading Columbian guerrilla was advised to take advantage of training opportunities offered by the trio. some of the Irishmen were said to have joined in a Farc attack on the Columbian city of Cali.

Griffin, just shut the fuck up ok? You are gleefully jumping on this information simply because it furthers your bigoted agenda. you are a fucking troll who will not listen to opposing evidence.

If these three men do turn out to be training terrorists, then let them serve the time for their crime. This is turning into a worldwide witchhunt to legitimatize a dubious interference in foreign governments.

Griffin, you stll havent answered anything about UDA/UFF drugs and arms links (with a lot of involvement in Scotland BTW) and their links to the RUC. You have claimed that you will kill certain politicians if you ever see them (with Tae Kwon do, arf) and you call them terrorists?

Take a look in the mirror, shithead.

My bigotted agenda? I have no agenda, just that I consider the IRA to be an illegal organisation and you seem to be deffending them.

The UDF/UFF arms links is another issue, which (and it might surprise you) I also consider very bad. I am on none of these violent organisation’s sides, and neither should you be. Stop being a bigotted idiot.

So wanting to kill Gerry Adams and Martin mcGuinness because you dont agree with their politics isn’t a bigoted agenda?

This would seem to be the Griffons source: (see crosspost in GD),,178-280681,00.html
Registration required

So Daddy got a brand new car. That’s hardly enough to justify using Tae Kwon do on Gerry Adams.

And no, I’m not defending the IRA. I’m saying that what you are claiming has

a) to be backed up by something more factual that hearsay and opinion.

Preach it, Twisty. :smiley: From Griffin’s Sunday Times article:

Griffin, your cite is just citing the Republicans. As I already pointed out, it’s only the Colombians and the Republicans who think the IRA is really training FARC. Have you got cites supporting this from folks besides these two extremely biased sources?