Iran confiscates three British boats


Of course they were carrying maps and weapons. They were members of a military members on a patrol.

Personally, I hope this works out like the incident between the US and China when the reconnaissance plane was damaged and had to make an emergency landing. Both sides rattle sabres but it’s really worked out diplomatically.

But I only hope that because war should be a last resort. What are the Iranians thinking? Did they think we had bagged our limit on Middle Eastern sovereignty? Some game warden is gonna come by and say “Got to put that government back, now, you’ve had your two this decade.”

We are successfully ignoring the drudge of post-war Afghanistan. We are desperately seeking a way to shift the focus from post-war Iraq. Why on earth would the Iranians give us an excuse to get everyone focused on the pretty fireworks involved when we destroy yet another military force in the region?

I know they didn’t take US boats, but it doesn’t matter. My guess is Tony Blair only needs to think that, maybe, in a week or so he might have it suggested to Iran that military action could be considered and the US will hear “Go!”.

I’m sure the US or British navies won’t hesitate to intercept any Iranian boat which strays into Iraqi waters, and if it’s a military vessel there’ll be all hell to pay. Of course, we all want it to be resolved quickly and peacefully, because it seems like a simple cock-up on the part of the marines.

I don’t really know what to think, they special forces maybe? Small rubber craft with only 8 guys?

They were probably guarding against smugglers crossing into Iraq - a task which pretty much requires small fast boats. “Small boats = SAS” is far too simplistic.

I heard one news report saying the boats were on their way to the Iraqis for the Iraqi security services to patrol the waters between Iraq and Iran.
I just hope the UK forces apoligise for an honest mistake and the boats get returned.

Just throwing it out there for the tinfoil hat crowd.

First the Iraqis, and now the Iranians seem to have a problem with their sovereignty being violated. I see a pattern developing.

LOL - and you got mistaken for one yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

(Anyway, the true tin-foilers will realise I should have said SBS…)

What kind of stupid bullshit is that last bit? What the fuck does this have to do with the United States?

“I know this has nothing to do with the United States but I might as well throw some stupid shit into the mix because I think it sounds good”

This’ll be a non issue. The brits wandered off course. The Iranians detained them, as is their right. The Iranians reported the detainment in a timely manner.

The Iranians will make the Brits squirm abit because armed soldiers were found in their territory, but that’s just because they can and it’s a pretty well established diplomatic dance that is the equivilant of a good finger wagging.

Iran has now announced it will be prosecuting the captured sailors.

Give us back our dinghys Iran :mad:

What if the Falklands gets invaded again??