Iran has issued an arrest warrant for Trump

Iran has issued an arrest warrant for Trump over the killing of Qassem Soleimani and asked Interpol to help detain him.

Well, this is interesting.

Heh. Funny.

Well this ought to serve as a refreshing change from the usual racist twitterrhea.

It obviously won’t work while he’s president, but what about afterwards? The only thing that would seem to prevent it would be sovereign immunity (i.e. he did it in his office as President, so he personally is not responsible)–but that’s getting a lot of flak these says.

I think SDNY called dibs on Trump. It may be a while before Iran gets their turn.

The US and Iran has no diplomatic relations, so as I understand it there are no official channels available to even ask for that, the request is thus informal. To add you can’t fly US to Iran (one must travel through a different country), & you can’t exchange currency without going to a 3rd party country (which has dimplomatic relations with both).

I would be worried if they throw shoes at Trump

The OP points out that Iran has contacted Interpol. So a formal request through official channels has been made.

Trump screwed the pooch on this one and Iran are understandably pissed off but know there’s nothing they can legally do about it other than to engage in a little propaganda exercise by appealing to the better natures of other countries who already dislike Trump and probably weren’t thrilled about the air strike on Iran, and by portraying themselves as the victims of a whimsical madman.

The Iranian government are still terrible people but they ain’t stupid. This is some executive level trolling, right here. And Mister President is not going to like it.

The airstrike was in Iraq. Ironically, Iran was illegally involving itself in Iraq.

He was a combatant and his killing was legal. Just like the targeted killing of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto in 1943.

The same Iran that Iraq INVITED to discuss deescalation of tensions? That Iran and Iraq?

The only way the killing of Soleimani could be comparable to the killing of Yamamoto is if Yamamoto was killed as he landed in Chongqing to discuss peace with China.

Iraq has been a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran for over a decade. One of those still receives full-throated support and weapons from the United States while killing Americans. The other one is the “bad guy”.

Putting aside everything else about Trump for this post, no civilized country in the world would honor such an arrest warrant for a former U.S. President. That would go about as far as the United States arresting Tony Blair on some bullshit Iraqi request.