Iran Launches Satellite

I saw a news report online (originating from AFP) which said that Iran launched a satellite into Earth orbit.
Have any Dopers heard anything further on this subject??

Iran *claimed * it launched a rocket *capable * of carrying a satellite. Big difference.

Maybe Ali Khamenei just wants to watch satellite coverage of the Olympics??

DOD doesn’t think the second stage fired correctly either. So, Iran launches a rocket that COULD have put a satellite into orbit if it had worked right…and if it actually had a satellite on board. :slight_smile:

Of course, the flip side of this is that Iran is developing a rocket that can put ‘a satellite’ into orbit (and could perhaps be used to do something else, ehe?)…which is fairly scary for a country that refuses to let it’s nuclear weapons program die.


I think Iran needs Photoshop CS3 Extended to do that.


Good one. Made me laugh out loud.

Yeah, they should just lie down and prepare to be slaughtered by us, like good little heathens.

Funny how it’s not “scary” when we are the ones waving nukes at people.

:rolleyes: Just like all the other countries out there without nukes, ehe? Don’t let reality get in the way of a good rant. Well, scratch that…your rant really isn’t all that good to be honest. It’s kind of stupid and tiring actually.

It’s pretty scary when any nation waves around nukes. It’s even MORE scary when a nation who may or may not be very stable in the long term is talking about trying to acquire them though. Well, it’s scary to everyone but the faithful of course. To the faithful (of the bat shit crazy variety), Iran having nukes is equal to the US or other Western powers having them…there is no real difference. Until of course the Iranian government is in danger of going tits up…THEN there will probably be some realization of why it’s not such a good idea.


Yah cause we’re always saying how were going to kill the Great Satan country of Iran and Congress routinely chants “death to Iran”. :rolleyes:

I expect the others either think that Iran is on the list for conquest before them, and/or can’t make nukes anyway. It is the clear duty of any country to acquire nukes, so they can point them at us.

And why should I consider Iran any more likely to use nukes than America ? If anything, it’s less likely. Iran is certainly less aggressive.

No, we just threaten them and “refuse to take the use of nuclear weapons off the table”. And fund terrorist operations in their own country. And replace their democratically elected leaders with a dictator. And we have a nuclear armed Christian fundie President - a member of a religion that considers the end of the world a GOOD thing. But none of that counts, of course. :rolleyes:

Even if I accept this ridiculous assertion, then the converse is true anyway…it’s clearly the US’s duty to make sure that Iran (and other nations who don’t already have nukes) does not acquire them.

And what makes you think Iran would be pointing their nukes at US, in any case? Just silly your knee jerk anti-Americanism sometimes.

Well, again, even if I accept such a ridiculous statement as true, there is a very good reason why you shouldn’t be waiting in breathless anticipation for Iran to get nukes…because their government isn’t nearly as stable as ours is. Once they HAVE nukes it will be a bit late to be worrying about that little factoid as well…just like it’s too late now to fret over North Korea or Pakistan having the nasty things. If either of those governments go tits up, it’s up in the air who may come down with them…or what they may do with them. Don’t you think the world situation is a might unstable as it is without pumping hydrogen into the fires?

Oh, horseshit. If we wanted to blow Iran away we could…if we were nearly as evil as your comic book view of the US we would have bombed the shit out of them years ago…hell, decades ago.

Why you hand wave away Iran’s propaganda bullshit but take ours deadly seriously says more about you and your viewpoint than anything else.

You make no sense. Why would we do this when we have nukes? We’re evil, remember? The font of all evilness and all that jazz. Why isn’t Iran a smoking puddle of glass? Especially with Mad Bush The Younger at the helm?

You need a serious reality check. Look around man! The world ended yet? If Bush was going to nuke Iran he’d have done it already. Oh, I know, I know…you’ll just say ‘Yeah, but we still have a few months left! Just you wait and see!’ Sure sure…he’ll wait until the day before leaving office to push the button, ehe? And when he leaves office and nothing happens, you’ll have yet another bullshit fall back position to take…and another…and another. If we both last that long you’ll probably be saying the same rap 10 years from now and fervently predicting that THIS time the nukes will fly!

Of course it doesn’t since it’s YOUR fantasy…not reality. If Bush COULD nuke the shit out of Iran he probably would. It’s our SYSTEM that doesn’t allow him to just decide on a whim to drop the bomb. Our system is stable…just like the other Western democracies. It’s highly unlikely that our (or their) governments will blow up and some fanatical idiot gain control with no checks on his ability to blow off a couple of nukes! This, unfortunately, is not the case with Iran. Even if we are to believe that the CURRENT government is stable and would never dream of nuking, say, Israel in a fit of pique (or whatever), there is no guarantee that the current Iranian government will last forever…in fact, I rather doubt it. Just like there is no guarantee that the current governments in North Korea or Pakistan will last forever (again, I highly doubt it). The difference though is that Iran doesn’t HAVE nukes…yet. So, it’s in everyones best interest (save the Iranians of course) to make sure this happy state of affairs persists…otherwise we have yet another place to worry about going tits up and handing their nukes to gods know who.

Get it? Of COURSE you don’t! Was a rhetorical question, ehe?


Oh, it doesn’t matter, it looks like Russia is going to be sidling up to Iran much more cosily now anyway.

Don’t be silly; defending yourself isn’t the same as attacking others.

Because we, or at least our troops are the logical target. We are their enemy, and the greatest danger to them.

The greatest source of instability is us. Every country that gains nuclear weapons is one more chain on the mad dog that America has become.

The Soviet Union and it’s allies were around to draw our attention in the past, and we DID bomb any number of them. And comparing America to comic book villains suffers from the problem that few are as evil or as stupid as we are.

Because they’ve been focused too much on Iraq. If Iraq had fallen into line we’d have mass murdered and conquered Iran years ago. I expect that Bush still thinks that a miracle will occur and they’ll all fall in love with us.

And what would stop him ? A bunch of yes-men political appointees and generals ?

Our system is stable…just like the other Western democracies.[/quate]Hardly. It’s been sliding steadily towards a Christian-Corporate dictatorship for a long time.